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Yesss, Birth Control For Men Is Really Close to Becoming a Thing
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Women have the pill, IUDs (copper or hormonal), the patch, the shot and the sponge (hi, Elaine). And men have…condoms. So it’s about damn time scientists came up with another form of male birth control. And great news, it could be available to the public in the near future.

In a recent study published by Basic and Clinical Andrology, scientists found that Vasalgel, a new contraceptive gel injected into the vas deferens, was 100% effective in preventing pregnancy in monkeys. That’s right, there were zero recorded pregnancies in the test group of rhesus monkeys, a species whose male reproductive tract is similar to a human's, but produces even more sperm.

Vasalgel is a gel that blocks sperm from being ejaculated (instead, it’s absorbed back into the body). While it's unclear how long the gel remains effective, the earliest participants in the study have gone almost three years without incident. Once the gel is injected, it can be easily reversed with a simple sodium bicarbonate solution. So much easier than remembering to take a pill every morning.

The Parsemus Foundation, the nonprofit group that funded the study, plans to start human trials as soon as funding is secured. Go, science, go.

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