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Who says New Year’s is the only time you get to set resolutions for yourself? This summer, we’re all about intentions--goals you say out loud (or write on paper), then visualize and work your darndest to make happen. Here are five that probably apply to most of you overworked, under-rested ladies out there.

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To be more aware of your body

Got a weird crick in your neck you’ve been ignoring and four bruises on your legs you absolutely cannot account for? Do a check-in with your physical self by making time with your body every day. It’s as easy as sitting with your eyes closed and noticing what you’re feeling, then coming up with ways to remedy any problems.


To say “no” more often--and without guilt

If you’re anything like us, you’ve somehow signed yourself up to host book club, spearhead the preschool fundraiser and help your next door neighbors repaint their entryway. Make it a point to say “no” to at least one request this summer. You might squirm a little upon first blush, but we promise it feels good in the long run.

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To be more spontaneous

Plans are the best! Except when they keep you from pulling a U-turn into that new ice cream parlor on Route 27. Grant yourself permission to go off-book from time to time. You just might surprise yourself with what you discover.


To unplug from your devices

Set a concrete goal for this one. Maybe it’s two hours of phone-free fun per day. Maybe it’s wireless Saturdays. Maybe it’s instilling a no-devices-at-the-dinner-table rule for your entire family. Whatever you do, hold yourself accountable…and take note of how lovely the world is without a black rectangle glued to your face.


To get 8 hours of sleep. Every single night.

C’mon. You got this. 

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