You’re well-versed in your Myers-Briggs type and you’ll readily make important life decisions based on your horoscope (like which kind of LaCroix to drink). But there’s another personality analysis that you might want to get familiar with: the Four Tendencies. Developed by best-selling author and happiness-seeker Gretchen Rubin, the framework is based around the way we respond to expectations, and understanding our tendency could be the key to being happier and more productive. Take the quiz, read more about the four types below and—for a deeper dive—check out Rubin’s new book on the subject.

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Congratulations, you’re generally pretty good at making habits and keeping them—you respond well to both external expectations (responsibilities and commitments) and internal expectations (personal goals). So everything’s great, right? Well, that structure-loving behavior can mean you can sometimes get bogged down with rules and miss out on spontaneous decisions.

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You’re probably something of an information junkie. You’re skeptical of other people’s expectations unless you can justify them on your own terms. You hate anything arbitrary or inefficient. Above all, you want decisions to make sense. Just be conscious that your innate skepticism can be construed as stubbornness—and be careful not to fall down a research rabbit hole.

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You’re a model employee and your friends can always count on you, but when it comes to that resolution to eat healthier or finally start working on that novel, you’re perpetually stalled. In other words, you respond to outside motivation but have trouble sticking to personal goals. The key? Enlist others to hold you accountable and help keep you on track. (FYI: This type is the most common.)

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You resist outer and inner expectations. Wait, what? Basically, you like to do what feels authentic, when you want to do it, period. What a Rebel values most is choice (she never wants to feel locked in) and individuality (she hates the idea of being like everyone else). Instead of trying to restrict that rule-breaker mentality, figure out how to reframe your goals as a way to defy expectations—to you, there’s nothing more motivating than seeing other people’s faces when you prove them wrong. 

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