Here's What a Boxing Instructor Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

Like most fitness enthusiasts, we’re currently obsessed with boxing and how it makes us feel and—no shame—look. That’s why we checked in with Beth Gold, a badass instructor at Rumble in NYC, to see how she fuels her body for long days of punching, ducking and rolling.

Here’s What a Spin Instructor Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

5:00 A.m.

"Depending on my teaching schedule, I typically wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. (Yikes, I know.) This early in the game I don't like to eat too much, so I usually stick to two hard-boiled eggs or a banana with some homemade ginger tea to get my system moving and my voice warmed up. To make my tea, I combine hot water, fresh cut ginger, lemon honey and cayenne pepper."

boxing instructor food diary oats

8:00 A.m.

"I get a good sweat in teaching a full morning of classes, so after I'm done with instructing, my metabolism is running high. My body works well with complex carbs since my lifestyle keeps me constantly on the move. At this point I like to eat a bowl of rolled oats. I cook my oats with cashew milk and add in fruit, peanut butter and some cashews for crunch. And of course, I drink my second bottle of water and my first coffee of the day—with my favorite oat milk."

12:30 P.m.

"Full disclosure, lunch is always a challenge for me. At this point in the day I have either taught two or three Rumble classes, taken a class, or trained with my boxing trainer. So I’m ravenous, but I try to keep it civil. My favorite go-to lunch has to be the Harvest Bowl from Sweetgreen. It packs a huge punch of carbs, proteins and greens, and is incredibly satisfying. It's super important for me to stay hydrated—particularly for my voice—so I am always downing bottles of water. I’ll also indulge in my second and last cup of coffee for the day at this point."

3 P.m.

"Snack time. As crazy as it sounds, 3 p.m. is when I start winding down, as I’ve usually completed most of my classes, clients and training for the day. So I definitely need a snack to keep me from going too crazy on dinner. Three o'clock is a good time for a shake, green juice or an açaí bowl, usually from Juice Generation, my juice joint of choice."

boxing instructor food diary salmon

7 P.m.

"I like to keep dinner light and home-cooked since I’ll be getting into bed shortly after I eat and planning my class for the next day. I steer clear of anything too heavy, so on a typical night I will bake either a piece of salmon (seasoned with EVOO, dill and garlic) or chicken with a side of veggies like zoodles, broccoli or asparagus. I end my day with my ginger tea to help digest, and maybe a cookie or some ice cream, because #treatyoself."

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