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Extra! Extra! Fish Tanks Cure Anxiety


Look, sometimes at the end of a stressful day, you just want to go home, pour yourself a glass of wine and watch Finding Nemo for the 129th time. (No? Just us?)

Good news: Science says there’s a reason aqua life makes us feel so zen.

A new study published in Environment and Behavior shows that peeping at fishies and swaying seaweed in a fish tank for five minutes is enough to induce an immediate--almost hypnotic--sense of calm.

The reason? According to the study, for the last million years, humans have been genetically programmed to respond positively to natural (aka water-logged) environments. In fact, we inherently know that water--in a non-threatening form, like an aquarium--signals survival and a breather from stress.

Worried about your track record for fish neglect? Fret not: While stress levels decreased more when the tank was full of fish, the study also found that gazing at an aquarium with just faux seaweed was enough to help soothe the soul.


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