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Oops You Liked Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Really Old Instagram Photo. Here’s What to Do.
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We just can’t get enough of those Instagram <3s. But as quickly as they make you feel on top of the world, they can turn into your mortal enemy: Yep, you accidentally double-tapped your ex’s new girlfriend’s family photo…from 44 weeks ago. Before you up and move to a cave to live out the rest of your life, remember there is another way out. (Hat tip to Deanna Cheng from the OMFG! podcast for this lifesaver.)

What you do immediately: Quickly unlike the photo you just liked and scroll all the way to the top of the feed. Now, double-tap—yes, you read that correctly—the most recent photo in the feed. Take a deep breath; the bad part’s over.

Why it works: Since there’s no way of really knowing, you have to assume that your ex’s new gf has her notifications turned on and was looking at her phone. So no matter what, just accept that she knows you liked a photo. But she doesn’t have to know which photo. By unliking the old pic (the update will disappear from her Activity) and liking a more recent one, she’ll see that you liked something that was posted recently…not a photo you could only get to by stalking her account.

Ideal? No. Far less creepy than the alternative? Yes. But hey, we all do it. Even your ex’s new gf.

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