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To think, you finally got the hang of Snapchat. Then Instagram comes out with some pretty major breaking news: They, too, will offer a disappearing-photo feature, called--wait for it--Instagram Stories. Hmmm… 

The new non-permanent feature works a lot like the one you already adore in Snapchat. Located in a separate section within the Instagram app, you’ll now see an option to shoot photos or video, which just like their (cough, cough) competitors, can be illustrated with captions or drawings. Your temporary pics are then combined into a “story” that you can share with specific friends (or publicly) within the app for 24 hours.

For details on how to use the new feature (and also to compare and contrast the differences between Insta and Snapchat), you can read the full blog post from Instagram.

Let the battle of the photo-sharing apps begin!

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