Trader Joe's Now Sells Pancake Bread, So Someone Please Pass the Syrup

Mmm, pancakes. Delicious in theory, annoyingly laborious in execution (you mean I have to turn on the stove?). Lucky for us, Trader Joe’s recently unveiled a grab-and-go version of your favorite fluffy breakfast choice. Introducing, Pancake Bread.

The new bakery item is described as “a twist on a buttermilk short stack, baked into a sweet, moist loaf” and from the looks of this up-close Instagram, it’s got a crispy, crumbly crust as well. Not quite sure how to enjoy this breakfast hybrid? You could fire up the toaster and add butter and jam or heck, go a little crazy and pour on your favorite sweet syrup (no judgment…OK, judging a little). We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

TJ’s, you truly never fail to keep us on our toes.