Ryan Seacrest Doesn't Sit Down on ‘Live’ Before Doing This One Thing for Kelly Ripa

Chivalry is not dead on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan Seacrest has been quite the gentleman on the recent episodes of the morning show, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve noticed a pattern in the behind-the-scenes videos shared by producers on Instagram. Every time co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Seacrest step onto the stage and make their way to their seats, the American Idol alum puls out the chair for his counterpart.

For example, in today’s footage, the duo dances their way from backstage towards their desk. When they arrive, Seacrest walks behind Ripa to grab her chair and swivels the seat in her direction so she can sit down. Ripa then rotates the chair using her hands to return to the proper forward-facing position.

Need more proof? Check out these earlier clips from this week.

Seacrest’s sweet gesture didn’t go unnoticed by fans. One user commented on a recent post, “Ryan is always such a gentleman,” while a second person added, “This is what I’m talking about! A gentleman always pulls a chair out for a lady.”

We’re not exactly sure when Seacrest began doing this, but in clips from earlier this summer, he doesn't pull out the chair. However, it’s possible that due to the pandemic, he was previously unable to do so because of the social distancing restrictions. Not to mention the fact that the two had been sitting over six feet away from each other.

Regardless, we—and the rest of the internet—are happy to see Ryan being so kind to his co-worker.

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