Prince Harry Gives Update on His Cali Job and Makes an Important Pledge

Prince Harry has been at his new company, BetterUp, for almost a year. And based on his latest blog post, it seems like he and the organization have been busy doing big things.

Earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he had accepted a job as the chief impact officer at the coaching and mental health company. On Monday, the Duke of Sussex released a new blog post about the company and its goals. The post, which was co-written by founders Alexi Robichaux and Eduardo Medina, announced the company’s latest venture—joining the Pledge 1% movement, which encourages companies to donate one percent of their equity, staff time, product and profit back to the community.

better up

In his section of the post, the royal father of two emphasized the company’s goal of continuing to make a social impact.

The duke wrote, “We are thrilled to join the Pledge 1% movement and formally commit our time, product, profit, and equity toward those working tirelessly to improve our communities and keep us safe. We hope this inspires other organizations to take the pledge as well when it is needed most—which is now. Social impact is not some buzzword, secondary goal, or silo at the edges of our business—it’s intrinsic to the work we do here at BetterUp. Our success as an organization is deeply dependent on the positive social change we can make in this world.”

He even took a moment to bring attention to the work his company has done with organizations such as his grandmother’s Commonwealth Trust.

“The impact of our mission is on a global scale. We saw it, for example, in our partnership with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust earlier this year, when 1,000 inspired young leaders across the Commonwealth gained tools for resilience and mental fitness that will be with them for life and will help to accelerate their impact on the world,” he continued.

Keep up the great work, Harry and co.

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