This Is the Most Popular ‘Virgin River’ Season 2 Finale Theory We’ve Seen So Far


*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s been three months since we were gifted with the second installment of Netflix's popular series Virgin River. However, we’re not embarrassed to say we’re still reeling from that surprising cliffhanger that left us with one major question: Who shot Jack?! 

ICYMI: At the end of the season two finale, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) finds Jack bleeding out on the floor of his bar after being shot. However, viewers never actually see the violent encounter—just that the bar owner heard someone come into the establishment. And while at first we were speculating about the possibility of the shooter being Brady (or even Charmaine), we’re starting to come around to the popular theory that Calvin (David Cubitt) was the one with the smoking gun. 

Hear us out. First of all, Calvin is the town’s marijuana importer and distributor who uses his lumbar shop as a front. Throughout the series, Jack manages to get in the way of Calvin’s illegal business and his plan to expand his operation into the Fentanyl market. Therefore, it's totally reasonable that a very vindictive Calvin would want to seek revenge on Jack for costing him money. Not to mention, Jack was the one who got Calvin arrested. 

This also wouldn’t be the first time that Calvin has gone to such lengths to forward his own agenda. In fact, he’s previously ordered his loyal workers to carry out hits on his enemies. Breckenridge even teased the possibility of Calvin being behind the attempted murder in an interview with ET Online back in 2020. 

“The writers definitely are leading you to believe that it's that group of people, it's the Calvin group of people,” Breckenridge told the outlet. “If there's a season 3, maybe there will be a twist in that.”

We know what you’re thinking: Would the most obvious person actually be the cold-blooded killer? We originally thought no, but the argument is way too compelling to write-off completely.

So, whether Calvin pulled the trigger himself or hired one of his drug-affiliated minions to do so, there’s a large possibility that he had some type of involvement. 

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