Alexis Ohanian Just Ended the “Greatest Athlete” Debate with a Single T-Shirt (& We’re Sure Serena Williams Approves)

Alexis Ohanian is setting the record straight on the who the world's greatest athlete is.

The Reddit co-founder proudly supported his wife, Serena Williams, during her Women's Singles Quarterfinals match against Simona Halep at the Australian Open. And as he stood to cheer her on from the stands, he could be seen sporting a Nike shirt that reads "Greatest Female Athlete" with the word "Female" crossed out. And beside those words is an image of Williams wielding her racket.

On Instagram, Ohanian shared a snap of himself wearing the statement shirt and wrote, "Onward. Thanks for helping pick my shirt, IG squad. If you want your own, ask @nike."

The post was met with several comments of approval from fans and celebrities alike. Mindy Kaling wrote, "Great shirt my friend." Gabrielle Union also added, "Love it!"

Not surprisingly, Ohanian's shirt quickly sparked a debate among some sports fans online. For instance, loyal fans of Michael Jordan brought up his six NBA championship wins, while others mentioned that Tom Brady was deserving of the "greatest athlete" title because of his recent Super Bowl victory. Still, countless users chose to agree with Ohanian, given Williams's record-breaking 23 grand slam wins. One fan wrote, "Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of the modern era. Her resume speaks for itself while also juggling motherhood, pregnancy, health scares, etc. And she is still crushing it at 39!"

Fortunately, Ohanian's support was exactly what Williams needed, because the tennis star defeated Halep, allowing her to advance to the semifinals. After the game, she shared a snap of herself smiling on the court on Instagram and wrote, "The smile says it all. This proud mama marches on."

We're rooting for you, Serena!

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