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You know your house needs some serious de-cluttering but have no idea where to begin. We can help. Here are 21 things you can toss right this second without even thinking about it.

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1. Tupperware that’s over 10 years old
And all of the lids with no matching bottoms.

2. Bottles of liquor that haven't been touched in over two years
Dear, Kahlúa: you kind of make us ill. 

3. Random soy sauce packets
You’ll get more when you order sushi again, we promise.

4. The food processor you lost half the attachments to
We guarantee you can buy a faster, smaller, less expensive one. 

5. Three-year-old bags of frozen veggies
Just face it: You’re never going to eat that half-full bag of peas.


6. Chargers for phones that broke five years ago
Yes. Right in the trash. Just do it.

7. And while we’re at it, your old Razr phone
We know it was really, really important to you in 2004, but it’s time to recycle that baby.

8. Remote controls for things you no longer own
I thiiiink that one was from an air conditioner?

9. Random Ethernet cables
WTF is the Ethernet?

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10. Old magazines
Just admit you’ll never read that three-year-old copy of The New Yorker. It’s OK.

11. Books that don’t fit on your bookshelf
You can always borrow Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret from the library if you really want to read it again.

12. VHS tapes
If they’re home movies, get them transferred to DVD. Otherwise, bye.


13. Practically-used-up toiletries
Remember that time you bought a new bottle of moisturizer because it was easier than getting the gunk out of the bottom of the old one? Yeah, toss it. 

14. Your toilet brush
…If it’s over a year old. Don’t you know where that thing has been?

15. Expired medication
Just go ask your doctor for more Claritin. 

16. Makeup you haven’t used in a year
If you haven’t found an opportunity to rock blue eye shadow in the last 365 days, there’s no reason it should be cluttering up your medicine cabinet.

17. Free samples you’re keeping just because they’re free
You’re never going to use that lip exfoliant. Give it to your niece and call it a day. 

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18. Old sneakers
It’s great to have a backup pair, but you don’t need three backup pairs.

19. Bridesmaid dresses
You’re not going to wear it again, no matter how much your sister insisted you would.

20. Anything with a stain that neither your washing machine nor the dry cleaner can remedy.
Damn you, exploding Sharpie. 

21. Socks with holes in them
When have you ever darned a sock? Yep, never. Toss it. 

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