We recently tapped some of the women in our lives for advice on things they wish they knew before buying their first house. But what if you’ve already bought said house and are ready to sell? We reached out to even more homeowner friends, who let us in on the things that surprised them most about the selling process.

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“Make sure the realtor uses a professional photographer with a wide-angle lens made for interior photography. A phone could not get the shots you need to make your house look as marketable as possible.” –Julie D., New York

“De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. I wasn’t expecting our realtor to tell us to remove everything, basically until the house feels unlivable. Then you’re ready to list.” –Ellen S., New York

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“Don't buy it when your realtor says your favorite Niermann Weeks chandelier—that you paid a fortune for—needs to be included in the sale. Replace it with a less expensive one.” –Laura C., Maryland

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“Realtors are wishy-washy...if you have a pool, they will say, ‘Buyers don't want a pool.’ And if you don't have a pool, they will say, ‘Buyers want a pool.’ That drove me crazy! Just be OK with what your house has to offer.” –Claudia C., Connecticut

“You need to know every house for sale in the market so you can defend the price you want for your home.” -Collier M., Georgia

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“You start to see every single flaw in your home. (It's all you see some days.) And you become paranoid that it's all anyone else sees. You fixate on the tiniest little crack in the paint, or the way the door clicks a bit when it closes, or the way dirt accumulates in the windowsill. It can drive you mad. And it starts to make you second-guess everything—Did I overprice the apartment? Should I have fixed this sooner? Why did I even move in here in the first place? Will anyone ever take this piece of junk home off my hands????” –Rachel A., New York

“I was surprised at how many of our neighbors came to snoop just to see what we had done with the place. Actually, how nosy our neighbors were about the whole thing in general.” –Cait L., California

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“That a buyer can back out up until the very end. We were popping the Champagne after accepting an offer only to have the guy rescind his offer just as we were about to sign the contract.” –Jillian Q., New York

“That you will end up having to pay for 'improvements' you never knew you needed. Our buyer's inspector found termites, so we had to pay (a lot!) for the exterminator. And don't get me started on the air vent they wanted us to install...” –Amy P., Texas

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