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With the right colors and some strategic lighting, even the tiniest (ahem, coziest) room can feel open and airy. Here are six ways to fake the space.

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Keep the Walls Light

White or beige will make your space look the largest, but paler blues and greens also have a similar effect (while simultaneously creating a soothing atmosphere). Bottom line: As long as you steer clear of darker colors or small, busy patterns, you’re golden.

Match the Floors

Take advantage of the fact that your eye naturally follows the floor up to the walls. By keeping the colors consistent throughout, you’ll create a seamless line that visually opens up the space.

Use Mirrors Strategically

Fact: Reflective surfaces bring light (and thus, give the illusion of space) to any room. Think beyond wall mirrors and consider consoles or nighstands with mirrored doors and compartments. (Bonus: extra storage space.)

Add More Lights

No floor space to spare? Get thee some sconces, overhead lights or install track lighting. A properly lit room (and those aforementioned mirrors) will bounce light off the walls and add visual depth.

Buy Double-Duty Furniture

Like a coffee table with drawers (for coasters and remote controls and other knickknacks) or convertible couches that turn your living room into the perfect guest quarters.

Think Vertically

Curtains? Hang them up at ceiling level. Bookshelves? Go full out with a floor-to-ceiling style. Both draw the eyes up and make the room’s scale feel grander.

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