11 Real Women on the Best Piece of Decor They Secretly Bought on Amazon

By now, we all know that you can nab pretty much anything your heart desires on Amazon. But a friendly PSA: This also applies to mid-century-inspired chairs, timeless accent lighting and gorgeous storage solutions. Yep, the ‘Zon has blossomed into a bit of a home decor treasure trove. Here as testament, 11 real ladies share the steal they’re obsessed with.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Wishbone Chairs

“I bought my fabulous kitchen chairs from Amazon! I see them all over online house tours and on Instagram—so I think a lot of other gals have the same idea.” -Ariel

Poly & Bark ($296 for two)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Plug-in Sconces

“I love these sconces because they free up bedside space, and the clean lines allow us to design around them for years to come. These guys also came with mounting hardware for plug-in and a hard wire option, we can have an electrician install them if we ever want a more polished look.” -Laura

HOXIYA ($47)

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Courtesy of Amazon

A Statement Kettle

“My roommate and I ordered this teapot because it matches our apartment’s accent color (soft pink). It’s honestly so cute in person.” -Ali

Reston Lloyd ($34)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Chic Shoe Storage

“This wooden rack sits on our apartment landing and keeps our shoes and umbrellas neat—and our apartment free of NYC dirt. Fun fact: It was $40 cheaper than the Urban Outfitters version." -Sally

Honey-Can-Do ($27)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Cozy Bedding

“These are the softest, most comfortable jersey sheets you will ever buy. They give me so much extra warmth in winter—and the price is right.” -Aly

Pure Era ($50)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Accent Lamps

“I bought this acrylic lamp on Amazon, and honestly, I like it more than anything similar I've purchased from more traditional home decor retailers.” -Mari

Safavieh (from $136)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Wall Planters

“I bought almost exact replicas of these hanging wall planters from Target, but then found them for way cheaper on Amazon. They add a little interest to my bare walls and are the perfect size for small succulents (just fill the bottom with lava rocks for filtration and you barely have to fuss over them)." -Nancy

Umbra ($20 for two)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Bedside Lighting

“I love the soft yellow light this lamp gives off—it’s a really nice, gentle hue for the bedroom. And the industrial, steampunk style adds a little funky to my simple white décor!” -Gwen

Lerro ($28)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Shell Chairs

“I couldn't afford real Eames chairs, but I wanted a modern, Scandi-chic vibe for my dining room. These are perfect! They were easy to assemble, are super easy to clean and look great." -Alexia

Furmax ($74 for four)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Window Treatments

“Clean, classic and great quality! I always get compliments on this window shade.” -Louise

Real Simple ($210)

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Courtesy of Amazon

Side Tables

“I recently bought these inexpensive bedside tables for my guest room. I flipped them so the white side (not brown) is facing up—and they actually look adorable!” -Jillian

Furinno ($17)

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