Halloween is known for its novelty, sure. But faux severed limbs and inflatable black cats? Not exactly for everyone. From thoughtful and pretty candy presentations to favors everyone will love, we’ve rounded up six DIY Halloween decor ideas to help you throw the chicest party ever. The best part about ’em? They’re all super easy to achieve.

diy halloween decor pumpkin ice bucket
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

1. Make a Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Carving a jack-o’-lantern? Predictable. Carving an ice bucket? Now we’re talking. Start by hollowing out a large pumpkin and scooping out the seeds and goop until it’s clean. Once you have your “bucket,” take the presentation up a notch by spray-painting the exterior. Let it dry, then line the inside of the pumpkin with plastic wrap, fill with ice and pop in a bottle or two of bubbly. Round out the scene with monochrome sweets and miniature pumpkins.

Sponsored fujifilm instax printer diy halloween decor personalized goodie bag
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

2. Personalize the Goodie Bags

All the tricks and treats of Halloween make it the perfect holiday for assembling goodie bags. And an easy way to make them extra endearing is to use a FUJIFILM instax Share Printer to personalize the bags with photos of each guest. Download the app to connect your phone to the printer, snap pics as guests arrive and then send the images to develop straight from your camera roll. Use funny old photos from Halloweens past, too, to really make your treats a scream. (Sorry, had to.)

halloween tablescape diy halloween decor
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

3. Decorate Your Surfaces with Cobwebs

The table is set to haunting perfection and an epic fall feast has been prepared. As one final, festive flourish, spread cotton “cobwebs” down your Halloween party table using candleholders as anchors. Garnish the tableau with a few strategically placed plastic creepy crawlies for added drama.

apothecary candy jars diy halloween decor
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

4. Decant Halloween Candies into Apothecary Jars

Halloween is all about the candy. But when it comes to presentation, you can do better than a grab bowl this year. To that end, collect a few glass apothecary jars in various sizes, fill with treats and place in your entryway or living room for a festive focal point cum snack station. (Bonus points: You can reuse this concept seasonally, filling with peppermints for the holidays, etc.)

wine bottle candles diy halloween decor
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

5. Make Candleholders from Old Wine Bottles

If you’re a fan of upcycled decor, consider using spray paint to transform empty wine bottles into seasonal candleholders. We recommend coating a few in high gloss and a few in matte chalkboard paint to create a canvas for your chalk motif of choice. Add tapered candlesticks and pepper them down a mantel, console or buffet table. (Spooky-chic, if you ask us.)

Sponsored fujifilm instax camera diy halloween decor
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Rebekah MacKay

6. Have a Grand-Prize Drawing

What’s Halloween without a spooky surprise? Greet guests by snapping their pic with your FUJIFILM instax Square Instant Camera as they enter the party. The photos will print from the camera right away so you can drop them straight into a witch’s hat. Before the night is over, randomly pull a photo out of the hat and announce one grand-prize winner. (Psst, pick the prize based on the age of attendees. Mostly kids? Legos are always a hit. Adults? A bottle of wine.) Save the photos for a memory book you can reminisce over next year.