According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, our homes offer a direct reflection of the state of our lives. Is it any wonder then that a messy, musty bedroom isn't exactly doing you any favors in the romance department? We checked in with Bryce Kennedy, founder of BOOM Feng Shui, for ten easy ways to better your love life...via your bedroom decor.

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1. Invest in a Good Quality Headboard

Headboards are thought to hold and nurture energy at night, and to make you feel more secure and comfortable. In addition to showing that you value yourself and your home, their presence visually establishes a safe space to let yourself become intimate and vulnerable.

2. Place Something Inspiring Across from Your Bed

The space directly opposite the foot of your bed is known as a power area in feng shui (since it’s the first thing you see when you wake). As such, it should feature an object that speaks to your soul and empowers you—whether that’s a beautiful heirloom dresser or a meaningful piece of art. (P.S. No extended-family photos in the bedroom, guys. This is your private domain, and no one wants to catch a glimpse of Aunt Mildred just as things are getting hot and heavy.)

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3. Always Keep Two Nightstands

Important: Make sure you have two tables and two separate walkways on either side of the bed. This creates an open flow in the bedroom and clearly defines the space as intended for two. If you’re single, this reinforces the message that you are seriously ready for a partner. If you're in a relationship, it allows for both partners to feel equal and grounds you in the space as a couple.

4. Revamp Your Paint Situation

Real talk: Old, stale, scuffed paint is pretty indicative of how you view your personal life. ("Ehhh, it's fine the way it is, I guess.") If you’re single, show your joie de vivre with a bright, fun hue, and if you’re coupled up, try a glossy new finish to prove you value keeping things fresh and evolving in your partnership.

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5. Clear Out Underneath the Bed

Yes, we know, it’s a convenient spot to chuck shoes, old papers, suitcases and the like, but cleaning out the junk from underneath your bed works wonders in feng shui. In addition to creating balance and flow in the bedroom, this space is viewed as the artery to your dream life, so cluttering it up can block good sex, good rest and good dreams from coming to you.

6. Ditch Any “Guilty” Gifts

We often have the tendency to hold onto gifts we don’t love because we feel ungrateful if we throw them away. Problem is, you hate the damn thing. A friendly reminder that no one (cough, your mother-in-law) should dictate how you’re living, buck up and toss any "gifts" with negative associations (no unpleasant thoughts in your oasis, OK?).

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7. Scrap (or Repair) Broken Furniture

Your old armchair with the wobbly “loose tooth” leg? It’s a huge no-no in feng shui. Broken objects signal that you feel you are not allowed to have nice things and, energetically, that you might be feeling broken, too. Especially if you’re in a committed relationship, make sure nothing goes into disrepair as that metaphor can seep into your love life.

8. Add One Boundary-Pushing Decor Item

Showcase at least one piece of decor, no matter how big or small, that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. (Think: a zebra-hide rug opposite a neutral palette or a rose-quartz crystal in an uber-traditional setting.) These visual cues are like subconscious hive fives to your ego, telling it you’re ready to try new things and live a little.

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9. Don’t Forget Bedroom Greenery

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Plants are an absolute must for a happy room. They create fresh oxygen, revitalize the space and rejuvenate the spirit. Plus, from a feng shui perspective, they remove stagnancy, speak to your sexuality and femininity, and zap a space of bad energy.

10 .Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Energetically speaking, clutter blocks the flow of love in any and all forms, so make like Kondo and tidy up (while paying extra special attention to the corners of your bedroom where it’s most difficult for energy to flow). Single? The most vital decluttering is of anything an ex gave you. Coupled up? Don’t let sloppiness become the new normal. It both can and will have an effect on your partnership.

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