The Free, 5-Minute Way to Refresh Any Room

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We all know that rugs make rooms. But if a new carpet isn’t quite in your budget at the moment, consider this sneaky pro tip in the meantime: flip that baby over.

You heard us right—you can apply the flipped mattress principal to your floor coverings. Of course, not all rug bottoms are fit for company, but a large amount of them actually are. For example, most natural fiber rugs (see: jutes, abacas) look just as lovely, but with a slightly-more-subdued texture. Plus, many oriental rugs also look really beautiful on their undersides, showcasing muted thread colors and a simplified yarn pattern (like an old, sun-faded tapestry).

So here's your challenge: Move your furniture, flip your carpet and enjoy a fresher, lighter perspective.

10 (Basically) Free Ways to Refresh Your Home Right This Second

Grace Beuley Hunt

Home Editor

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