Help! What's the Best Plant to Put in My Bathroom?

Just consult our room-by-room guide

Your number one goal: To keep your houseplants alive. But did you know that the room you put them in could make or break their ability to stay alive, thrive and grow? Here, a handy guide to the best plants for every space in your home--from your bathroom to your bedroom.


The Bathroom: Orchids, Boston Ferns And Aloe Vera

So your bathroom doesn’t get a ton of natural light. It does, however, hold onto a lot of humidity. This makes it the perfect spot for plants that crave moisture, like orchids, Boston ferns and aloe vera. (Hello, DIY medicine cabinet.)


The Kitchen: Lettuce, Kale And Herbs

All you need is an indoor window box (like this one) and partial sunlight to grow a range of fresh ingredients like basil, rosemary and thyme. Other options: Anything that requires a lot of water (come on, you’re super close to the sink!) like elephant ears or colorful begonias.

The Living Room: Dracaenas, Philodendrons And Rubber Trees

Let there be light--at least, that’s what you should keep in mind when choosing the best living room plants. Look for hearty potted varieties that can handle the heat without drooping and losing their leaves.

Modern Findings

The Bedroom: English Ivy, Peace Lilies And Palms

It’s the place where you sleep, so the more Zen-like, the better--but since it doesn’t have a ton of light or moisture, you’ll need to choose wisely. Try an Areca palm, which actually adds moisture to the air, or a Peace lily or English ivy--both thrive in warm, dry conditions.

The Den: Succulents

Good news: It’s still possible to include a bit of greenery in a windowless room. Succulents are your best bet, since they’re low-maintenance and will hold their own without exposure to sunlight.

The Entryway: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

It’s a classic. Just be sure it’s getting plenty of sunlight (and mind the drafts from the door).

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