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We know, we know: you’re never going to DIY that cut-out frosted mirror that’s been on your Pinterest board for the past year-and-a-half. But we promise you can (and should) try your hand at any of these truly easy crafts, all perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Thank You Cards

Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Because let’s face it, you never remember to buy birthday cards anyway.

Wrapping Paper

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

All you need is a stamp, some paint and a steady hand.

Leather Tassel Shoes

Add Leather Tassels to Your Party Shoes

This DIY is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new pair of heels.

Jewerly Pyramid

Make a Pretty Jewelry Organizer

You don’t need to buy a fancy case. This pyramid costs less than $5 when you make it.

Vanity Tray

Then Make a Case for More Odds and Ends

A vanity tray is so much cuter than your junk drawer.

Cord Tape

Organize Those Unsightly Cords

A little washi tape goes a long way.

Scalloped Painted Pots

Turn A Boring Terracotta Pot Into a Work of Art

Use this foolproof method for painting your containers, then watch our video for how to repot a plant.

Fruit Ice Cube

Make Fancy Ice Cubes

These fruit ice-cubes jazz up anything, from summer sangria to basic H20.

Lazy Gals Sangria

Finally, Reward Yourself with a Drink

Try this single-serving lazy gal’s sangria recipe. Although, with all you’ve just done you are anything but lazy.

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