There’s one in every friend group: the gal who juggles two jobs and three kids, and still somehow has a warm, welcoming apartment whenever you decide to visit. How does she do it? Easy--she has these 21 items in her arsenal.

NY Hostess List1

1. Extra seating in the living room. Yep, even if that means stashing a bunch of folding chairs in the bedroom closet.

2. A bag of ice in the freezer (that’s less than a year old, ideally).

3. Extra linens and towels in case the unannounced pop-in turns into a sleepover.

4. Coffee, tea, milk and sugar. A selection of different herbal and caffeinated teabags is great, but don’t worry about having a bunch of coffee flavors. What is this, Starbucks? 

5. A pitcher of fresh water in the fridge. When people come over, put it on a side table with clean glasses so guests can help themselves.

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NY Hostess List2
Erin McDowell

6. A one-hour roast chicken recipe that’s completely impossible to mess up. 

7. Oh, and ingredients for a no-bake dessert, so you can whip something up at the last minute.

8. A bottle of red, a bottle of white and Champagne. (And in the summer, it couldn’t hurt to have a bottle of rosé, too.)

9. A good bottle opener. You don’t have time to fight with one of those folding corkscrews.

10. Cloth napkins. Save the paper ones for your Wednesday Seamless order.

11. A lightly scented candle that makes your apartment instantly smell more homey.

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NY Hostess List3

12. But also a few unscented candles, to soften the light at dinnertime.

13. A go-to playlist for background music--preferably something you created yourself, because that Pandora “coffee shop vibez” channel is played out. 

14. A few rolls of extra toilet paper under the sink.

15. Extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss in the bathroom (the freebies you get from the dentist are perfect). 

16. Your Wi-Fi password written somewhere visible, like on a chalkboard in the kitchen.

NY Hostess List4

17. Fancy hand soap (or at least a fancy container to store your Dial in).

18. A cell phone charger that’s easily accessible.

19. Fresh flowers or greenery. Eucalyptus branches are perfect because they smell amazing and basically never die.

20. An extra sweater you don’t mind parting with (because Suzy forgot to check the weather).

21. A pantry stocked with snacks. (But if you dig into the tortilla chips at 2 a.m., we won’t judge.)

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