We're Calling It Now: Oat Milk Is the New Almond Milk

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We recently stopped into a hip coffee shop for a plain old cup of joe. It was one of those places that charges $18 for avocado toast, so we weren’t totally surprised when we were asked what kind of milk we wanted. What we were surprised by was one of the options: Oat milk.

So we took a gamble and tried it. Not to be dramatic, but we’re a changed woman.

After a little research, we discovered that this buzzy alternative milk has been quietly gaining steam for a while now, and is finally poised to supersede our beloved almond milk.

The oat milk we had on that fateful day was from Oatly! (exclamation point theirs), a Swedish company that’s been in the business for 25 years. But, if you’re more of a a homemade type of gal, Minimalist Baker has a super-simple recipe (using only two ingredients).

It tastes slightly nutty and oat-y (no shock there), and is surprisingly creamy. You can add it to your coffee like we did, bake with it, pour it over cereal or drink it plain. It’s also gluten-free and, obviously, dairy-free, making it a great alternative “milk.”

While we’re not totally ditching almond, soy and coconut milks just yet, oat milk has earned itself a permanent spot in our refrigerator.

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