How A Tuxedo Kitchen Could Add $1,547 to the Value of Your Home

We know what you’re thinking: granite countertops. But before you rip apart your kitchen (and spend thousands in the process), consider the surprising findings in a recent survey from Zillow that points to the value of tuxedo kitchens.

The real estate marketplace looked at more than 135,000 photos from listings that sold between January 2010 and May 2018 to identify homes that sold for more or less than their “zestimate.”

The verdict? A bucket of paint is all you need to add value to your kitchen. Yep, that’s right, tuxedo kitchens—with dark cabinets and islands and light colored walls—can make a $1,547 difference in sale price.

The analysis controlled for other wall colors within each room type, square footage, home age and ZIP code in the listing month. Pretty darn scientific.

So grab a brush and get to work. It’s about time you accepted that matte black is the new sparkling white anyway.

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