The One-Ingredient Dog Chew You Can Make at Home

Rufus will thank you

Hey, there’s no shame in loving your dog the way you do. (We’re right there with you.) So while you’re treating yourself to some easy three-ingredient gnocchi, why not also make Rufus equally delicious (for him) sweet potato dog chews? They’re good for his tummy, way cheaper than store-bought chews and actually take him a little work to get through--which means some quiet TV time for you.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

After washing and drying your sweet potatoes, use a sharp knife or mandoline to cut them into 1/3-inch-thick length-wise strips. We suggest starting with three big sweet potatoes, but the number depends on how many chews you want to make. Pro tip: Chop off the end to help you balance while cutting.

Step 2

Place your slices on a greased or parchment-paper-lined baking sheet (it’s OK if they touch). Pop them on the top rack of your oven at 175 degrees for 8 hours. We know it’s a long, long time, but the low heat and long cook time will slowly dehydrate these babies so your pup will actually have to work on them. (If you want them softer and less chewy, just take them out sooner.)

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Step 3

Once they start resembling jerky, take them out and let them cool overnight. Then in the morning: down, paw, roll over, enjoy!  

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