50 Strawberry Desserts You’ll Crave All Year Long

Although it’s widely believed that strawberries are solely a spring-to-summertime treat, we’re here to tell you they can be shamelessly enjoyed at any time of year...especially when it comes to dessert. Chocolate strawberry “turkeys” became a viral Thanksgiving staple this past November, and they’re just the refreshing burst of flavor to break you out of the doldrums of winter. Alexa, play “Berries and Cream”—it’s time to show the world that strawberry desserts are a year-round delicacy.

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strawberry desserts strawberries and creme

1. Strawberries And Crème

Obviously, we’re kicking off the list with the most iconic duo out there: berries and crème. Although it’s a simple creation that requires minimal effort to make, it comes with a massive reward—there’s clearly a reason Starburst made a jingle about this timeless classic.

strawberry desserts strawberry pie with strawberry crust

2. Strawberry Pie With Strawberry Crust

To impress literally everyone on your Instagram feed, go ahead and execute this bubblegum pink beauty. With a lattice strawberry crust and strawberry filling, it legitimately tastes like luxury.

strawberry desserts strawberry cobbler mug

3. 10-minute Strawberry Cobbler Mug

Whether you’re craving a sweet, not-too-complicated after-dinner treat, or if you’re entertaining a large group of guests, these only take 10 minutes to make. Bonus points if you serve them in cute mugs.

strawberry desserts strawberry galette with whipped cream

4. Strawberry Galette With Whipped Cream

Combining sweet strawberries and sour balsamic gives us the balance we all need. And don’t sleep on making that homemade whipped cream —the sour cream gives it a tangy kick.

strawberry dessrts strawberry upside down cake

5. Strawberry Upside-down Cake

Forget tossing your mushy strawberries when they’re on their way out, as this is inarguably the banana bread of strawberry desserts. If you find yourself with an entire carton that’s on the brink of going bad, this is the key to saving them.

strawberry desserts strawberry sponge cake

6. Strawberry Sponge Cake

Maybe you’re baking for your BFF’s bridal shower, or you might simply be looking for a taste of warm weather. Either way, this Strawberry Sponge Cake screams “garden party”—we’ll bring the prosecco.

strawberry desserts strawberry magic shell

7. 3-ingredient Strawberry Ice-cream Shell

Dairy Queen isn’t the only one who can nail the ice cream shell, because you can too, with only three ingredients. Keep in mind this one calls for freeze-dried strawberries, which you can find in the healthy snack section of most grocery stores (or on Amazon).

strawberry desserts vegan strawberry shortcake in a jar

8. Vegan Strawberry Shortcake In A Jar

This gluten-free, vegan creation certainly doesn’t taste “healthy,” per se, but with strawberry-chia jam and coconut cashew whipped cream, it’s filled with so many nourishing, wholesome ingredients. If you eat it for breakfast, we promise we won’t judge.

strawberry desserts mini strawberry ice cream pies

9. Mini Strawberry Ice Cream Pies

These eight-ingredient ice cream pies call for roasting the strawberries instead of baking them, which accentuates their sweet flavor. And thankfully, they finally give you the chance to use those classy ramekins you got on Black Friday three years ago.

strawberry desserts strawberry cheesecake dip

10. Strawberry Cheesecake Dip

We love a dessert dip, and this one is beyond decadent. You’ll just need strawberry preserves, so if you can’t find fresh strawberries at this time of year, you’re bound to find jam in the condiments aisle.

strawberry desserts strawberry shortcake cupcakes

11. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

It may not be 2007 anymore, but let’s face it: Cupcakes will always be delicious. There really isn’t anything better than getting just a few sweet bites out of one dessert.

strawberry desserts strawberry shortcake skewers with whipped cream

12. Strawberry Shortcake Skewers With Whipped Cream

Yes, those are actual grill marks. After putting the skewers together, toss ‘em on the grill for a seriously cute-yet-refreshing dessert.

strawberry desserts strawberry cardamom and pistachio pavlova bites

13. Strawberry, Cardamom And Pistachio Pavlova Bites

Make your guests feel like they’re at high tea with these elegantly spiced beauties. Just keep in mind that the fresher the strawberries, the better they’ll look.

strawberry desserts cheater s vegan strawberry shortcake cups

14. Cheater’s Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Cups

Back at it again with the vegan desserts—and you most likely won’t realize they’re missing the eggs and dairy. You’d best believe these shortcake cups will perfect any dessert platter.

strawberry desserts strawberry mango hawaiian shave ice

15. Strawberry Mango Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Strawberry and mango make for one delightfully refreshing treat. A toasted coconut topping takes it over the top—in the best way.

strawberry desserts sheet pan strawberry shortcake

16. Sheet-pan Strawberry Shortcake With Black Pepper, Whipped Honey Ricotta And Togarashi

Black pepper… with shortcake? This unique dessert uses togarashi, a spicy and sweet spice blend from Japan. But it’s completely optional, in case you can’t find it in any stores near you.

strawberry desserts strawberry rhubarb slab pie

17. Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie

Aida Mollenkamp of Salt and Wind describes this as a “grown Pop-tart”—need we say more? It only takes 25 minutes of hands-on work, making it a great, low-effort baking project.

strawberry desserts strawberry chocolate cake
Two Peas and Their Pod

18. Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Everyone knows strawberries and chocolate is one of the most heavenly pairings out there. If you’re at a loss for Valentine’s Day gifts, this homemade cake is the epitome of a romantic gesture.

strawberry desserts strawberry crumble
A Cookie Named Desire

19. Strawberry Crumble

It’s a widely known fact that crumble is the superior pie topping (sorry, lattice crust). As long as you pair it with a double shot of espresso or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, you’re definitely doing something right.

strawberry desserts the berry best four berry pie
Foodie Crush

20. The Berry Best Four Berry Pie

In addition to strawberries, this pie showcases raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, too. With those colors, it makes for the perfect patriotic treat to bring to Fourth of July cookouts, but let’s face it: This pie tastes incredible 365 days a year.

strawberry desserts gluten free keto strawberry cheesecake
Dr. Davinah’s Eats

21. Gluten-free, Keto Strawberry Cheesecake

Who said cheesecake isn’t diet-friendly? This strawberry cheesecake is gluten-free and keto, and it’ll have everyone wanting more.

strawberry desserts funnel cake with homemade strawberry sauce
Dude That Cookz

22. Funnel Cake With Homemade Strawberry Sauce

These funnel cakes give off major carnival vibes, but the homemade strawberry sauce 100 percent brings it up a few notches.

strawberry desserts whole wheat coconut oil sugar cookies with natural strawberry icing
Ambitious Kitchen

23. Whole Wheat Coconut Oil Sugar Cookies With Natural Strawberry Icing

With the whole wheat base, these sweet treats are practically health food.

strawberry desserts strawberry lemon cookie ice cream trifle
Dude That Cookz

24. Strawberry & Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Trifle

Strawberry lemonade in the form of a trifle? You better believe it. This mature version of the classic beverage is surely going to be a crowd-pleaser at every potluck next summer.

strawberry desserts strawberry cornmeal cake
Grandbaby Cakes

25. Strawberry Cornmeal Cake

With a tangy, goat cheese-flavored cake batter and rosemary whipped cream, this flavorful cornmeal cake is herbaceous, sweet and tart, hitting all of our favorite flavor notes.

strawberry desserts strawberry rhubarb almond scones
Floating Kitchen

26. Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Scones

As the ideal accompaniment to your morning latte, Liz of Floating Kitchen promises these scones are nothing like the hockey puck pastries you’ve maybe come to know and…well…kind of hate.

strawberry desserts strawberry hand pies
Grandbaby Cakes

27. Strawberry Hand Pies

Grandbaby Cakes made these vibrant pastries as an ode to her Big Mama, who was a master at pie-making. The best part is that hand pies are portable, making for the dreamiest bake sale item imaginable.

strawberry desserts strawberry lemonade cake
Grandbaby Cakes

28. Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Also reminiscent of the thirst-quenching nostalgic beverage, this is certainly a soon-to-be staple at every picnic, BBQ and pool party—just wait and see. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

strawberry desserts strawberry donuts
Simply LaKita

29. Strawberry Donuts

Simply LaKita’s Strawberry Donuts emulate Homer Simpson’s favorite pastry: the strawberry frosted donut. However, these are even more vibrant than the cartoon character himself. Even the sprinkles are pink, adding an additional pop of electric color to your new favorite midnight snack.

strawberry desserts gluten free strawberry cookies with coconut
Feed Me Phoebe

30. Gluten-free Strawberry Cookies With Coconut

Feed Me Phoebe’s strawberry cookies were created out of a need to give up gluten for the long haul. Although the texture differs from your average cookie, they show that you don’t need traditional flour for a next-level baked good.

strawberry desserts strawberry sweet rolls
Butter Be Ready

31. Strawberry Sweet Rolls

These sweet rolls are soft, fluffy and luckily, not overly sweet. Enjoy them at breakfast or after a long day of work — either way, we’ll be going back for seconds.

strawberry desserts strawberry mango popsicles
Clean Eating Couple

32. Strawberry Mango Popsicles

For a not-too-sugary warm weather treat, these homemade popsicles are loaded with flavor, sans the added glucose. Calling for only three ingredients, they’re the ultimate lazy creation (with tons of vitamins and antioxidants—score!).

strawberry desserts strawberry cream cheese tarts
Ev’s Eats

33. Strawberry Cream Cheese Tarts

Making your own cheese tarts sounds undeniably tricky, but the lovely chef behind Ev’s Eats says they’re quick and easy. Get them while they’re fresh, though, because that flaky crust won’t hold up for too long.

strawberry desserts raw strawberry banana pudding
The Full Helping

34. Raw Strawberry Banana Pudding

While pudding was often deemed “unhealthy” growing up, this guilt-free raw pudding simply calls for a few different kinds of fruit, almond milk and vanilla extract. (And just between us, this is so much better than Snack Packs.)

strawberry desserts strawberry triple rum cake
Healthfully Ever After

35. Strawberry Triple Rum Cake

Pair this Strawberry Triple Rum Cake with a piña colada, and you have a gorgeous dessert course that might have your dinner guests ordering an Uber home.

strawberry desserts strawberry roll cake
A Classic Twist

36. Strawberry Roll Cake

Roll cakes tend to be a traditional holiday dessert, but this is an exception. The light, fluffy shortcake and sweet strawberry icing show you can enjoy the elegant classic year-round.

strawberry desserts strawberry ice cream with oreo and chocolate chunks
What’s Gaby Cooking

37. Strawberry Ice Cream With Oreo And Chocolate Chunks

Oreos pair well with just about anything—including strawberries. And this strawberry-infused version of the classic cookies and cream ice cream flavor is decadent beyond belief.

strawberry desserts strawberry moscato tiramisu
Brown Sugar

38. Strawberry Moscato Tiramisu

Everyone loves tiramisu, but adding both Moscato and strawberries makes for a seriously sexy twist on the classic Italian classic. Serve with Champagne, and eat it in the bathtub—whether you’re alone or with someone else.

strawberry desserts vegan strawberry birthday cake milkshake
Make It Dairy Free

39. Vegan Strawberry Birthday Cake Milkshake

Milkshakes are timeless, whether you’re enjoying them with fries or after a long night out. And this one is made with plant-based ice cream and a non-dairy milk alternative, making it ideal for vegans and anyone avoiding dairy.

strawberry desserts chocolate chip muffins with strawberry compote
Dev Amadeo

40. Chocolate Chip Muffins With Strawberry Compote

OK, we know muffins are often eaten in the morning, but with chocolate chips and strawberries, you could easily enjoy these with that new bottle of pinot you picked up last night.

strawberry desserts winter strawberry cake

41. Winter Strawberry Cake

This further proves that strawberry desserts aren’t solely a summertime treat. Alejandra, the creator behind Brown Sugar and Vanilla, suggests making this for Christmas or New Year’s, but we could see it being a great Valentine’s Day or Easter treat too.

strawberry desserts strawberries and cream bars
Two Peas and Their Pod

42. Strawberries And Cream Bars

Maria, the genius behind Two Peas and Their Pod, topped these strawberry dessert bars with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. We’ll just let that sink in.

strawberry desserts grain free santa hat brownies
Ambitious Kitchen

43. Grain Free Santa Hat Brownies

Ho, ho, ho, merry berrymas! (C’mon, we had to.) These Santa Hat Brownies are absolutely adorable—and they’re grain free, if anyone on the guest list has an allergy.

strawberry desserts strawberry marshmallows
Dude That Cookz

44. Strawberry Marshmallows

Perfect for s’mores, hot chocolate or simply a bite-sized snack, these strawberry marshmallows are beyond cute (and, let’s face it: such an impressive homemade creation).

strawberry desserts strawberry banana salad
Spend With Pennies

45. Strawberry Banana Salad

Salad…for dessert? Although this legitimately sounds like a sick joke, strawberry banana salad is effectively a twist on berries and crème that’s light, fluffy and surprisingly addictive.

strawberry desserts berry red currant and mascarpone tartlets
Sassy Kitchen

46. Berry, Red Currant, And Mascarpone Tartlets

Sassy Kitchen’s Berry, Red Currant and Mascarpone Tartlets certainly look like no easy feat. But once you’ve made your homemade crust in the food processor, it’s totally a piece of cake—er, tartlet.

strawberry desserts mini strawberry cornmeal cobblers

47. Mini Strawberry Cornmeal Cobblers

Resembling a clafoutis, these mini cobblers are extra dense and juicy, making for a flawless addition to any potluck lineup. Just make sure you have a wavy tart pan on hand to get a similar shape to the one above.

strawberry desserts chocolate covered strawberries
CarlsBad Cravings

48. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Not sure what to get the friend who has everything? Or the person you just started dating? Or, uh, you? (It’s called self-care.) Chocolate-covered strawberries should be your go-to. Beyond the wow factor, they aren’t difficult to make and you can whip up a big batch all at once.

strawberry desserts homemade gluten free tartlets with strawberry jam
Snixy Kitchen

49. Homemade Gluten Free Tartlets With Strawberry Jam

Make these tartlets on a Sunday night, have one for dessert and pop one into the toaster oven every morning for breakfast. The hibiscus hot pink icing is absolutely the best way to start the day…or end it.

strawberry desserts gluten free almond cake with berries on top
Cookie and Kate

50. Gluten-free Almond Cake With Berries On Top

Again, it doesn’t have to be the Fourth to enjoy a berry-topped dessert. This cake—which blends sweet berries with warm almonds makes for a light-as-a-feather, after-dinner treat.

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