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Maybe you overestimated how many potatoes you would need for last night’s epic baked ’tato bar dinner…and now you’re staring down a spud surplus in the refrigerator. Or you bought too many and they were about to go bad—it happens. Wondering what to do with leftover baked potatoes, beyond just nuking them in the microwave? You’re in luck, because they’re actually pretty versatile (and can often eliminate a few time-consuming steps in a recipe). From pillowy homemade gnocchi to spicy potato tacos, here are 15 leftover baked potato recipes that are—dare we say?—even better than the first time around.

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1. Cheese and Bacon Baked Potatoes

Since you’re working with already-baked potatoes, you can skip steps one through four and cut almost 30 minutes from the cooking time.

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2. Grown-Up Baked Potatoes

Refresh those leftover baked potatoes in the oven, then gussy them up with a few inventive toppings. (Balsamic caramelized onions? So fancy.)

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3. Baked Eggs and Potatoes

If you only have one or two leftover baked potatoes, no worries—this recipe can easily be halved. (Just scoop the potato out of its skin and quickly mash it with a little melted butter before using.)

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4. Loaded Baked Potato and Cauliflower Soup

You can add the potato at the end of the cooking time, just before pureeing, since it’s already tender.

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5. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

You can pass go, collect $200 and skip straight to step four, since you won’t need to boil the potatoes in advance. Just ditch the skins first.

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6. Twice-Baked Potatoes

Topped with blue cheese and bacon, no one will believe these cheesy spuds started as leftover baked potatoes.

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7. Ultra-Crispy Baked Potato Wedges

This irresistible side dish starts with raw potatoes, but you can easily swap in your leftovers. Slice the baked potatoes while they’re still cold for the cleanest wedge cuts.

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8. 20-Minute Potato Fried Rice

Two carbs, one lightning-fast dinner and zero complaints. Of all the leftover baked potato recipes out there, this one is high on our list.

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9. Nacho Loaded Potato Skins

Forget the tortilla chips; we’re all about the potatoes. This recipe calls for minis, but any leftover baked potato will work.

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10. Twice-Baked Breakfast Potatoes

Last night’s dinner is this morning’s breakfast—like a bacon, egg and cheese minus the roll. Ingenious.

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11. Homemade Gnocchi

Leftover baked potatoes have never looked (or tasted) this good. In fact, we’re making extra spuds from now on, just so we can have homemade pasta the next day.

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12. Shepherd’s Pie

Instead of peeling and boiling the potatoes for the topping, save some time by using up your leftover baked potatoes. Just remove the flesh from the skins before mixing in the goat cheese and sour cream. (Oh yeah, there’s *goat cheese.*)

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13. Cheesy Bacon and Kale Potato Skins

You had us at “cheesy” and “bacon,” but the gorgeous green kale pesto is what’s really bringing us back for seconds. It’s all about balance, no?

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14. Potato Tacos

Slice your leftover baked potatoes into cubes, fry them in lots of cumin and paprika and voilà, you’re halfway to tacos. All that’s left is to make the homemade chipotle crema (which starts with store-bought mayonnaise, but shhh).

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15. Easy Home Fries

FYI, your potato cubes probably won’t be as clean-cut as starting with raw russets, but they’ll taste just as good. Besides, home fries are supposed to be rustic.

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