Tired of Watered-Down Iced Coffee? You Need to Try Jot’s New Dark Roast Concentrate

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We’re basically useless until we have our morning coffee. And on a particularly sluggish day, working even the simplest drip machine can feel like a tall order. That’s where Jot Ultra Coffee comes in, a highly concentrated liquid coffee that’s ready to drink once it’s cut with milk or water. While we’ve been fans of the O.G. version for some time now, we’re currently fangirling over Jot’s latest dark roast release.

Jot Dark is crafted from a bold blend of Fair Trade Colombia and Sumatra coffee, which is roasted to full-flavored perfection before being turned into Ultra Coffee. Jot spent more than a year developing it, and trust us: Their hard work seriously paid off. The dark roast is impossibly smooth and full-bodied, and boasts notes of caramel, chocolate and warm spices.

The 200-milliliter bottle holds enough highly concentrated coffee for 14 beverages. All you need is one tablespoon of liquid per cup, plus eight ounces of water for an iced coffee or milk for a latte. (You can even pour it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato for a killer affogato, if you’d prefer.)

Just like the original, Jot Dark is 20 times as concentrated as your standard cup of joe, so it’s bound to give you the caffeine boost you need with minimal work and waste. Jot is sustainable to boot, since the grounds used to make it are composted and preparing it doesn’t require any disposable filters. Jot’s concentrate only includes two ingredients, too: organic, ethically sourced beans from Central and South America and water. 

You can try a single bottle of Jot Dark for $24 (that’s two weeks’ worth of coffee, if you have one bev a day). If you drink multiple cups per day or want to try both Dark and Original Ultra Coffees, opt for the Dark + Original Duo or the Dark + Original Trio instead, which are currently 15 and 25 percent off respectively.

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