The *One* Thing Ina Garten Apparently Can’t Do

Ina Garten is a devoted wife to Jeffrey, a renowned Food Network host and a best-selling author. But when it comes to growing her own vegetables, the 73-year-old Barefoot Contessa star isn’t afraid to ask the internet for help.

This week, Garten posted a priceless picture on Instagram, featuring her failed attempt at gardening. The photo is a closeup shot of three homegrown carrots that look nothing like they should because they’re hilariously deformed.

Instead of forming distinct shapes, the carrots are sprouting in all different directions, resembling gourds more than edible vegetables. We can only assume the carrots are the colored variety (or so we hope), since the hues range from a dark greenish yellow to radiant orange.

Garten captioned the post, “What am I doing wrong?? I grow the worst carrots!! #uglynotgood.” A for effort?

Fans immediately flooded the comments section with advice, comic relief and words of disbelief. One person wrote, “It’s usually when you have stoney or hard ground they fork… They like sandy soil,” while another added, “Planting too close together.”

Another person compared the carrots to Harry Potter, writing, “Haha these look like mandrakes from Hogwarts. They’re cute!!!” One follower refused to believe that Garten is behind the failed carrots: “Ina Garten, I refuse to believe you do anything imperfectly. These are fake news carrots!”

On the bright side, we now have something in common with Garten: ugly homegrown produce.

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