11 Easy Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods

Free cheese, please

Just walking through the aisles at Whole Foods makes you feel like a healthier person...and then you get to the checkout line and that $16 kombucha doesn’t seem like such a great idea. But guess what? Saving big at this upscale grocery store is possible. Just try these 11 tricks.

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Grab Those Coupon Books in the Front of the Store
They come out six times a year, and actually last for three months even after the coupons are no longer available--so stock up!

Great, Now Double Up on Manufacturer Coupons
When it comes to coupons, the more the merrier. If you have a Whole Foods coupon for peanut butter as well as a manufacturer’s, stack them together and you just saved yourself some money.

Bring Your Own Bags
Yes, we love the environment. But Whole Foods loves it more: They give you 10 cents credit per bag. We’re basically making money here.

Be Strategic at the Salad Bar
We’ve definitely been guilty of piling on the tuna, tomatoes and--oh, that pasta salad looks delightful... But at the salad bar you pay per pound. So opt for lighter-weight items and always, always put the dressing on the side. Oh, and get your nuts from the bulk section, since they’re usually cheaper per pound.

Take Advantage of the Fresh Bread
Unlike most grocery stores, Whole Foods actually bakes its own bread. For the price, the freshness might just blow your mind.

You Can Literally Sample Anything
No, we’re not just talking Saturday sample madness (aka lunch). Ask an employee if you can taste something, and they will not only let you try it, but they’ll also often just give you a free box. Oh, and this includes cheese. You’re welcome.

Grab Free Snacks from the Whole Foods Kids' Club
Bananas, nuts and water are available at every store. For your kids, of course.

Let the Butcher Do the Work for You
Making Parmesan-Ranch chicken thighs for dinner? Instead of buying expensive pre-made cuts, have the butcher prep them for you. He or she will even take your ground beef, season it and make perfectly round patties.

Whole Foods

Bulk Up on Wine, Meat and Nuts
It might seem counterintuitive, but going big on certain items actually saves you cash at Whole Foods. Buy six bottles of wine, save 10 percent. Buy 25 pounds or more in the bulk section (like almonds), save 10 percent. Buy three or more pounds of meat, save 50 cents per pound. We’re gonna need a bigger pantry.

Just Because It “Says 3 for $7” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Buy Three
You know you won’t use three bags of organic potato starch, but the discount will still apply to the individual unit sale price. Yay! More room in the cabinet for cookies.

The Golden Ticket: Organic Produce Coupons
With apps like Checkout51, Snap and Berry Cart, rebates on organic produce are actually possible. Try doubling down on certain rebates, and you could walk away with some veggies gratis.

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