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It’s summer…which means it’s too damn hot to turn on your oven, even for pizza night. Here’s how to make delicious pie in five minutes or less, right on your grill.

What you need: A gas grill, pizza dough (store-bought is fine), olive oil, tomato sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings you like best.

What you do: Fire up the grill (one with a hood works best), then assemble your ingredients--sauce, cheese, caramelized onions--so they’re at the ready nearby. Roll out your first 14-inch pie, brush it with olive oil and when the grill reaches peak heat (usually, about 450 degrees), use a pair of tongs to drop the dough onto the grate. Let it cook for two to three minutes on one side, then flip it. 

OK, this is the tricky part. As soon as you flip it, it’s go-time. You’ll need to slather on the sauce, sprinkle some cheese and add your toppings in about 60 seconds or less. (Seriously, that dough is cooking fast.) Once the toppings are on, close the grill cover and let it cook for another two minutes. When the cheese starts to bubble and the crust looks golden brown, your pizza is finished and ready to eat.

You already know this, but here’s a reminder: The grill is hot. Use tongs. And an oven mitt. Basically, don’t burn yourself.

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