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When it comes to taste, pizza is pretty close to perfect. When it comes to health…not so much (no matter how many veggies you throw on it). But luckily there’s a way to make your favorite slice healthier: replace the carb-laden crust with something a touch more virtuous, as in these 15 mouthwatering recipes.

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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

How do we love cauliflower? Let us count the ways.

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Wholehearted Eats

Butternut Squash Pizza Crust

Way more colorful than your average slice.

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Simply Quinoa

Spinach and Artichoke Quinoa Pizza Crust

This one’s for all you vegans out there.

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Cooking Classy

Zucchini Pizza Boats

The one time it’s OK to eat pizza with a fork and knife.

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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Eggplant Pizza

OK, fine…two times.

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A Beautiful Mess

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

Works great as faux pasta, too.

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Bakers Royale

Beet Pizza Crust

And the award for prettiest pizza goes to…

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I’m Bored Let’s Go

Cloud Bread Pizza

Remember cloud bread? It’s still here and still delicious.

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Simple Healthy Kitchen

Skillet Margarita Polenta Pizza

A solid alternative to deep dish.

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Life as a Strawberry

Portobello Mushroom Pizza

It’s totally fine to have, like, four of these.

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A Saucy Kitchen

Zucchini Crust Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast: Always a good idea.

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A Tasty Love Story

Broccoli Pizza Crust

No grains? No problem.

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Pinch of Yum

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

One potato, two potato, three potato more. (More pizza, that is.)

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Sweet Potato Soul

Black Bean Pizza Crust

Really into these toppings, too.

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My Name Is Yeh

Chickpea Pizza with Harissa and Spinach

Step aside, hummus. (Not really though. We still love you.)

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