This 2-Second Trick Will Keep Your Salad Greens from Wilting

Crunchy lettuce is the best


You’ve washed your lettuce and given it a few whirls in your salad spinner, but the excess moisture on the leaves is making your lunch look all wilted and slimy and sad. This two-second trick guarantees you’ll have crisper salad greens for days.

What you need: Plastic baggies and paper towels

What you do: After you wash your romaine (or any other super-watery veggies), lay it out on a paper towel. Then, roll up the paper towel and the lettuce and seal it together in a plastic baggie that you can store in your fridge.

Why it works: The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture on the greens so that your lettuce is fresh, not slimy, when you go to assemble your lunch.

Mmmm…crunchy romaine. Just add vinaigrette.