The 25 Best Snacks for Kids That Are Picky Eater-Approved, According to Our Editors

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Unless your kid is an impressively adventurous eater, finding snacks that they love (and don’t get sick of after a week) can be quite the project. We tapped our editors to find the best munchies out there that won’t come back home in your kid’s lunchbox, from salty nibbles to better-for-you snack bars to sweet, post-sandwich treats. Read on for 25 of the best snacks for kids that will win over every finnicky eater in your home.

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best snacks for kids firehook crackers

1. Firehook Baked Crackers

Honey gives these crackers a slight sweetness, making them an instant hit with toddlers. But our parents love ’em because of the simple, straightforward and relatively healthy ingredients list. (We’re talking wheat flour, yeast, salt and olive oil—that’s it.)

best snacks for kids gogo squeez

2. Gogo Squeez Fruit On The Go

Put anything in a squeeze pouch and little ones will eat it up—it’s just a fact. Since this on-the-go applesauce is made with nothing but juicy apples (which contain lots of natural fiber, BTW), it tastes sweet without the help of added sugar.

best snacks for kids boomchickapop

3. Angie’s Boomchickapop Sea Salt Popcorn

Popcorn is a naturally whole-grain snack. All it needs to turn dangerously bingeable is a dash of sunflower oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

best snacks for kids earth s best snack bars

4. Earth’s Best Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars

Elmo-obsessed tots will go gaga for these veggie-rich bars (especially the sweet potato-carrot variety). The filling is encased in a wholesome mix of wheat, oat and corn cereal crust, and their soft texture makes them easy for tiny mouths to chew.

best snacks for kids pirate s booty

5. Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Cheese Puffs

OK, even we have no self-control around these crunchy, gluten-free puffs made from rice and corn. Coated in lip-smacking aged white cheddar cheese powder, this baked gem will never get old to your kids.

best snacks for kids kroger pb j bites

6. Simple Truth Gluten-free Strawberry-filled Pb&j Bites

Eat your heart out, Uncrustables. With a crunchy, peanutty exterior and a jammy fruit center, they just might have your kids begging for seconds at snack time.

best snacks for kids 365 veggie straws

7. 365 By Whole Foods Market Veggie Straws

You may have a tough time getting your kid to eat cooked or raw vegetables, but they’ll have no qualms about noshing on these uber-crunchy veggie snacks made with potato, tomato and spinach. They’re vegan, gluten-free and contain 30 percent less fat than regular potato chips.

best snacks for kids yogurt raisins

8. Sun-maid Vanilla Yogurt-covered Raisins

Raisins (aka dried grapes) are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But if you can’t get your kids to eat them plain, we’re betting a creamy yogurt coating will change their minds. There are PB&J, Chocolate and Chocolate-Peanut Butter varieties, but vanilla is a safe bet for picky eaters.

best snacks for kids that s it fruit bars

9. That’s It. Fun-size Fruit Bars

They’re non-GMO, gluten-free and prime for school lunches and quick breakfasts. The bars are also free of the top eight allergens and contain nothing but two types of fruit each. Flavors include Apples + Bananas and Apples + Cranberries.

best snacks for kids stonyfield yogurt

10. Stonyfield Organic Kids Strawberry Banana Yogurt Pouches

Live active cultures, bone-building calcium and 5 grams of protein keep you happy, while organic fruits and just enough cane sugar take care of the kids. The packaging also makes the yogurt a breeze to take on the road.

best snacks for kids babybel

11. Mini Babybel Cheeses

We’d argue that peeling the wax off these cuties offers the same allure as ripping string cheese. The mini wheels are available in flavors like Gouda and White Cheddar and provide a sneaky dose of calcium and protein.

best snacks for kids welch s fruit snacks

12. Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Packed with vitamins and made with real fruit purées, these soft, chewy fruit snacks are an easy win. Personally, we’re partial to the Mixed Fruit assortment that includes grape, peach, orange, strawberry and raspberry gummies.

best snacks for kids annie s cheddar bunnies

13. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

You’d be hard-pressed to find a parent that hasn’t heard of these adorable snack crackers (their reputation for winning over picky kids precedes them). They’re made with organic wheat and real cheese from cows raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones.

best snacks for kids zbar

14. Clif Kid Zbars

Clif Bar’s kid-friendly version of their famous energy bars is packed with whole grains, fiber and healthy fats. But since they come in flavors like Iced Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate Chip, your kid will be none the wiser.

best snacks for kids crispy green dried fruit

15. Crispy Green Freeze-dried Fruit

No toddler can resist these crispy, wholesome banana chips. Free of added sugar, the chips pair seamlessly with your kid’s daily PB&J (or soy butter & jelly). And if banana isn’t their jam, try apple, mango, pear, pineapple or tangerine chips instead.

best snacks for kids made good granola bars

16. Madegood Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Not only are many granola bars teeming with sugar, but they’re often made with nuts to boot. Avoid allergy issues with these vegan, nut-free, gluten-free bars that are hiding a nutritious surprise: a full serving of vegetables.

best snacks for kids sprout crinklez

17. Sprout Organic Crinklez

Greens-averse toddlers at the table? These popped veggie snacks are sure to satisfy. They’re made from protein-rich chickpeas and vegetables, like carrots, spinach and beets, but the cheddar cheese seasoning will distract their keen taste buds.

best snacks for kids perfect kids snack bars

18. Perfect Kids Snack Bars

Any snack with chocolate on the wrapper will most likely be an easy sell. The vitamins and minerals, 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber will be our little secret. Start with flavors like Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip.

best snacks for kids kroger smoothie melts

19. Simple Truth Organic Banana, Mango & Passionfruit Freeze-dried Smoothie Melts

Psst: These taste like a tropical vacay. Made with nothing but fruit purée and juice, these tiny melts turn creamy as soon as they hit your tongue, offering a burst of flavor (minus the excess sugar).

best snacks for kids goldfish

20. Goldfish

There’s something sweet about sending your kids to school with the same snacks you got when you were their age. Case in point: Goldfish, the beloved snack crackers—baked with real cheddar cheese—that are essentially irresistible. Count on us stealing from the kids’ stash once they’re in bed.

best snacks for kids natures bakery fig bar

21. Nature’s Bakery Gluten-free Fig Bars

Protein? Check. Fiber? Check. Kid-friendly fruit flavors without any artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup? You bet. Made with real fruit and ancient grains, these bars are also nut- and dairy-free, in case your kid is sensitive to those allergens.

best snacks for kids snack pack

22. Taylor Farms Apples & Cheese Snack Pack

Aka the easiest lunch of all time. Send the kids to school with protein, calcium and lots of vitamins and minerals with the help of this pre-assembled snack tray that requires no slicing or assembly on your part (score).

best snacks for kids belvita soft banana bread

23. Belvita Soft Baked Banana Bread Breakfast Biscuit

It’s just the thing for busy mornings when you don’t have time to cook breakfast. The biscuit is only slightly sweet (plus full of fiber), but tastes dangerously close to its baked good namesake.

best snacks for kids sunchips

24. Sunchips

This alternative to potato chips has stood the test of time for a reason. Each serving packs a whopping 14 to 19 grams of whole grains, but the best part is their salty-yet-slightly-sweet flavor. Original is always a safe bet, but we have a feeling your kids will love French Onion and Harvest Cheddar, too.

best snacks for kids chicken nuggets

25. Kidfresh Chicken Nuggets

When all else fails, chicken nuggets always save the day. And we love these because the antibiotic-free chicken is coated in whole-grain breading (there’s 10 grams in every serving) and there’s puréed cauliflower hidden in the patties.

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