We’re Calling It: Aperol Spritzes Are the Official Drink of Summer 2017

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Spritz. Speak it out loud. The mere phonetics feel like a refreshing summer pick-me-up. But your Pinot Grigio wine spritzer? Not the most, erm, sophisticated cocktail order ever. Which brings us to summer 2017’s hottest drink: the Aperol Spritz.

A bittery sweet orange liqueur with notes of herbs and rhubarb, Aperol was invented in Padua, Italy, back in 1919 by a pair of Italian brothers, and it’s been a cultural institution ever since. Light and palate-cleansing, it makes a delightful aperitivo to whet the appetite before a late summer dinner.

To make one, all you need to do is pour prosecco (3 parts) and Aperol liqueur (2 parts) over ice, stir once, then top off with a splash of club soda and an orange wedge to garnish. And you don’t have to get too fussy about things either—a general eyeballing yields a damn tasty concoction.

So why is everybody so obsessed with them? Drinking one of these beauties feels like a special occasion, and with super-minimal effort to get there. Better still, the alcohol content is about the same as wine (meaning you can indulge in more than one without getting totally sloshed).

Sadly, we can’t all be happy hour-ing in an idyllic piazza this summer. But hey, at least we can be drinking like it.

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