17 Five-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Dinner Recipes

Whoa, that was easy

It's an indisputable fact that the slow cooker is the kitchen’s greatest appliance. After all, it literally cooks your food for you. To help you get dinner on the table with even more ease, try one of these recipes, all of which have five ingredients (or fewer).

White Chicken Chili

Just add your toppings of choice. (Avocado chunks recommended.)

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Pumpkin Curry Soup

Pro tip: Serve with a loaf of crusty bread.

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Slow-cooked Salmon

Perfectly tender fillets every time.

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Lemon And Garlic Chicken

A thousand times easier than roasting. Just as delicious.

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Thirty Handmade Days

Slow Cooker Lasagna Soup

This recipe deserves a spot in your soup rotation.

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Slow-cooker Mac And Cheese

Well, this changes everything.

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Mexican Shredded Beef

Use it as a filling for tacos, on top of salad--whatever you're feeling, really.

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Pip and Ebby

Crock-pot Ravioli

Sometimes, boiling water is just too much effort.

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Cranberry-glazed Turkey Meatballs

Serve with a side a mashed potatoes, naturally.

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Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Side dish or entrée? You decide.

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Pineapple And Habanero Pulled Pork Sandwiches

If you're going to have a sandwich for dinner, it should be this one.

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Chicken Tacos

Less time preparing means more time for eating.

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Sweet And Sour Chicken

There won't be leftovers of this Chinese takeout-style dish.

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Sriracha Chicken

Yet another stellar taco filling right here. But we wouldn't be mad if this were served over rice, either.

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Easy Crock-pot Lasagna

Comfort food tastes better when all you have to do is assemble it in your Crock-Pot.

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Pesto Ranch Chicken

This is how you upgrade your average chicken dinner.

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Creamed Corn

Can’t all vegetables be loaded with cream?

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