Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Baby Names with Fantastic Nicknames

Sometimes, it's nice to switch things up. Try one of these unique (and sweet) nicknames

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Quiz: What Should You Name Your Future Child?

Should you eat avo-toast or overnight oats? Should you take the highway or the back roads? Do you binge-watch Catastrophe or Veep? Life is full of decisions. Here, we’ll make one of them a hair easier.

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NYC-Inspired Baby Names That Are Too Cute for Words

New York kids are the most fabulous in the universe--they love brunch, they’ve tried kale ice cream and they have their own Instagram fashion accounts. They also have impossibly cool names. Here are our 32 favorites, inspired by NYC streets, neighborhoods and landmarks. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to take Nolita to her guitar lesson.

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British Baby Names That Are Positively Brilliant

Brits are famous for their impeccable manners, stiff upper lip and royal flair. They’ve also got cool, classic and demure on lock. That’s why we want to steal all their baby names. Here, 15 of the most glamorous ones for your newborn boy or girl.

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Thoroughly Adorable Music-Inspired Baby Names

Whether you're dancing to jazz or cooking to country or rocking out to some power '80s hair metal (no judgment), you are all about that music life. And now you want to name your upcoming bundle of joy in the spirit of your favorite tunes--but don't want to go full-on Elvis or Beyoncé. Here, 13 super-cute ideas that harken back to beloved musicians without being toooo obvious about it.

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Girl-Power Baby Names You'll Be Proud to Give Your Daughter

The news is in: Thank the good Lord you’re having a girl! (Not that there’s anything wrong with fire-engine noises and fart jokes.) Now to give her a name that’s pretty and sweet but also fierce and empowering. Here, 12 terrific monikers inspired by some of the most badass ladies in history.

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The 10 Best Celebrity Baby Names of 2016 (So Far)

Whenever we hear about a celeb who just gave birth, we brace ourselves for the typically bizarro announcement of the name. (Apple, you’ve grown on us.) But these ten VIP babies were blessed with cute monikers to match.

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Old Hollywood Baby Names We're Absolutely Bringing Back

Ah, the Golden Age of film--Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, Some Like It Hot. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. (OK, fine, we are looking forward to a bunch of these…) So let’s bring old Hollywood back. Here, 19 old Hollywood baby names coming to a crib near you.

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Celebrity Baby Names That Are Kinda Old School and Completely Awesome

Hollywood children’s names can be pretty bizarre. No offense to the Blues and Norths and Apples and Zumas of the world, but we’re currently into more classic monikers with a pinch of quirk. Read on for 16 favorite celebrity baby names.

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The Best Baby Names for Every Zodiac Sign

The ideal baby name has already been written in the stars.

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'Harry Potter'-Inspired Baby Names That Are Straight-Up Magical

Still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter? (Us, too.) Hey, maybe your baby will have better luck. Here, 17 names that are perfect for your little witch or wizard.