Calling all parents struggling hard to choose a baby name: Apparently, France is one of many places around the world that can rule your baby name not suitable. The reason? Sparing your child a life of ridicule. (Up until 1993, French laws were even stricter, with French courts blocking names that didn't preserve national integrity, for example.) At first, we thought this sounded crazy. Then we saw the list of notable names that have been banned. Take a peek.

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little girl laughing


Yep, a French court objected to this baby name in 2015, mainly due to the fact that it’s a trade name of a spread. (FYI, the judge allowed the name “Ella” instead.)

little boy laughing

Prince William

French officials said it would “lead to a lifetime of mockery.”

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Mini Cooper

It came from the same parents who pushed for Prince William, if you can believe it. (And yes, it was also rejected.)

baby eating strawberries


In French, it means “strawberry,” but the judge felt the slang phrase “ramène ta fraise”—which means “get you’re a** over here”—ruins it as a baby name. Good call.

baby with elephant


It’s the titular character of the popular French children’s book series. And apparently not suitable for non-elephant children. 

french kid flowers


The direct translation is “happy,” and the French ruled in 2006 that’s far too whimsical a word to use as a baby name.

new york girl


Yep, a judge rejected it in 1983, mainly because if you’re going to use the name of a place, it has to relate to a French tradition. Who knew?

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