50 NYC-Inspired Baby Names That Are Too Cute for Words

New York kids might be some of the most fabulous in the universe—they love brunch, Central Park is basically their backyard and they’re fashionable like no other kids on the planet.

They also have impossibly cool names, because in a city packed with a mile-long list of who’s-who (and their creatively named kids), you must find some way to stand out. Here are our 50 favorite New York-inspired baby names, taken right off the city streets, neighborhoods and landmarks. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to take Nolita to her guitar lesson.

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New York-Inspired Baby Girl Names

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1. Waverly

This NYC street (and way-too-adorable moniker) was originally named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel about an English gentleman and his adventures in the army. But, you know, if you’re thinking of Wizards of Waverly Place, that’s totally fine, too. We all need a little bit of Alex Russo’s spunk in our lives.

2. Lex

After Lexington Avenue, this New York-inspired baby name is suitable for a girl or boy and lends all the class going Uptown would bring. The street’s claim to fame is 1955’s The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe. Iconic.

3. Houston

A busy thoroughfare in lower Manhattan, Houston Street lends its name to neighborhoods NoHo and SoHo—short for north and south of Houston Street. News flash: it’s pronounced “How-ston,” not “Hue-ston.” Either way, it’s a stylish pick.

4. Carnegie

After the famous, historic Midtown concert hall and industrialist Andrew Carnegie, the venue has hosted the likes of Billie Holiday, The Beatles and Judy Garland. Who knows? Maybe your baby will grow up to be a famous violinist.

5. Amsterdam

No, not the city—the avenue from 59th St. to 193rd. The street, which was constructed in 1890, was revamped in 1981. It runs along Manhattan’s west side, bleeding into 10th Avenue around Central Park.

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6. Brooklyn

One of New York’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is home to charming Park Slope brownstones, DUMBO lofts, summery days on Coney Island and Williamsburg’s artsy, hipster vibes. It’s eclectic, fashionable and fun-loving.

7. Mercer

This SoHo side street was originally named for Revolutionary War soldier Hugh Mercer, but it’s a great option for a girl, too.

8. Wythe

An iconic Brooklyn hotel in a converted 100-year-old factory, this property is waterfront real estate with views of east Manhattan.  

9. Nolita

A shortened version of “North of Little Italy,” the name Nolita evokes afternoons wandering charming streets and trendy boutiques, ensuring yours is the cutest baby in the neighborhood.

10. Bowery

Bowery is a lower Manhattan neighborhood home to the legendary music club CBGB, said to be the birthplace of punk music and in its previous life, a biker and dive bar. A fitting moniker for your little rebel.

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11. Gramercy

Classy and sophisticated, Gramercy Park is an east-side enclave in lower Manhattan just below Midtown. Filled with historic bars, stylish restaurants and hotels, plus the concert venue Irving Plaza, the area knows how to have a good time.

12. Lorimer

Brooklyn girls have more fun. Lorimer is a stop on the L train that runs through Williamsburg and north Brooklyn. Hop off and you’ll find yourself within easy distance of coffee shops, thrift stores and a vibrant restaurant scene.

13. Chelsea

Totally classic. This neighborhood borders West Village, Hudson Yards and Midtown, known for upscale art galleries and high-rises, plus the renowned Chelsea Market food hall.

14. Stuyvesant

It might take a few years before she can pronounce it correctly, but…it’s iconic, from Stuyvesant Heights to Stuytown. All after Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch colonial director of New Netherland.

15. Varick

Definitely the most stylish in her class—Varick Street runs through Tribeca, bordering Soho. Chic brunch spots, waterfront views and boutiques galore, guaranteed.

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16. Spring

It’s the new Autumn. Set in the heart of Soho, get off the 6 Train at Spring Street and you’ll be surrounded by high-end boutiques and steps away from the celebrity favorite Balthazar French restaurant.

17. Carrie

We couldn’t write this list of New York-inspired baby names without putting an ode to Carrie Bradshaw on the list, could we? Sex and the City gave this town a whole new flair, so it’s only right that Carrie should get a spot on the list. 

18. Madison

Ah, Madison Avenue. Named after one U.S. president, it once represented America’s advertising industry, which came to thrive in the area. Now it’s ritzy, glitzy and filled with boutiques. A perfect name for your little go-getter and fashionista.

19. Serendipity

Anyone who comes to New York knows that a stop at Serendipity 3 is a must. This old-school dessert institution straddles Midtown East and Lennox Hill, and its claim to fame is the legendary frozen hot chocolate. Stumbling upon the tiny building is, indeed, serendipity.

20. Eloise

Name your baby after a certain precocious resident of the iconic Plaza Hotel. Mischief, fun and mayhem may or may not be included.

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21. Jacqueline

Locals are known to take jogs around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir in Central Park. It’s a sophisticated, elegant name for a baby girl that will evoke the nostalgia and glamour of Camelot.

22. Apple

After the city itself (and Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter), Apple is a crisp, fun and decidedly New York-inspired baby name.

23. Bleecker

This one’s a renowned street in the West Village filled with comedy and music venues, boutiques and is also known as the nightclub district of Greenwich Village. Safe to say, she’s a socialite in the making.

24. Marcy

Marcy Avenue runs through Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, filled with bodegas, historical family homes and various shops. Quiet and unassuming, it’s got charm, just like your little girl.

25. Mulberry

Love plant names? Here’s a NYC-inspired one. Mulberry Street straddles Soho and Little Italy, home to cozy Italian restaurants and pretty storefronts.

New York-Inspired Baby Boy Names

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1. Ellis

After Ellis Island, once the nation’s busiest immigration processing center. Give him an early start on NYC history with a name that symbolizes hope, possibility and new beginnings.

2. Carroll

A beautiful neighborhood in west Brooklyn near Governors Island, Carroll Gardens has Italian-American roots, as evidenced by the abundance of cafés and shops peppering Court and Smith streets. Brownstones and gardens abound.

3. Hudson

A sophisticated choice for a boy or a girl, the name is a nod to both the river and neighborhood. The former is where airline Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger successfully made an emergency landing in 2009, while the latter is now a swanky shopping, business and residential area between the Highline and Times Square.

4. Delancey

“It's very fancy on old Delancy Street, you know,” sings Ella Fitzgerald in “Manhattan.” The name is a nod to James De Lancey Sr., who owned a farm on what is now the Lower East Side. (A farm, people.)

5. Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Avenue is tucked next to Grand Central Station, leading you to One Vanderbilt and the observatory, which offers sweeping views of the city and Wolf on Wall Street vibes. Yep, he’s totally gonna be a CEO one day.

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6. Perry

A prim, proper street filled with West Village brownstones, Perry is gender-neutral, bookish and charming, just like the neighborhood.

7. Bryant

For the outdoorsy type. Bryant Park in Midtown is a beloved spot for ice skating in the winter and reading (it’s next to the New York Public Library) in the summer.

8. Columbus

Too cool for school. Columbus Circle, by Central Park, is home to the infamous Billionaires Row. We bet the view is nice.

9. Fulton

The Fulton Street subway stop dumps you right in the heart of Wall Street, with One World Trade and the Oculus shopping center a short walk away.

10. Astor

Pretend Astor Place is named after him, instead of the other way around. It’s both a theater and a one-block street at the confluence of NoHo and East Village.

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11. Clinton

Lower East Side love. Home to the beloved Clinton Street Baking Company, whose breakfasts draw a line, even on early weekend mornings.

12. Park

Newsboy cap not included. Park Avenue is a boulevard that runs through Manhattan and the Bronx, best known for its luxury apartments, hotels and the Chrysler Building the next block over.

13. Sullivan

The beloved Italian bakery has locations throughout Manhattan’s west side, serving up crusty loaves, Roman-style pizza and pastries.

14. Christopher

Another West Village locale whose claim to fame is the home of the Stonewall Inn. A fitting name for a future activist and changemaker.

15. Prince

This little guy is ready to take on the world—or at least SoHo. It intersects with Broadway, a major thoroughfare with plenty of shopping.

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16. Carmine

Mamma Mia! This beloved institution in the Upper West Side dishes up southern Italian classics. Their Times Square location is exceptionally popular with theater goers.

17. Murray

Murray Hill, on the east side above Kips Bay, is a tree-lined neighborhood filled with brownstones, pre-war townhouses and Beaux-Arts mansions. This name is sure to be a harbinger of good taste.

18. Lenox

An Upper East Side enclave, Lenox Hill borders the southeast side of Central Park. Cultural sites, international restaurants, luxe shops and apartments abound.

19. Lincoln

As in, the Lincoln Center, Lincoln Tunnel and Lincoln Square. The square is home to Julliard and the center, the opera, ballet and symphony. This is the perfect name for a budding artist.

20. Roosevelt

Roosevelt Island sits on the East River between Queens and Manhattan, connected by aerial tramway (and dishing up killer views).

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21. Solomon

Businessman, art collector and now a museum, what can we say? The man had taste. The museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a modern art mecca with an exterior to match.

22. Marcus

Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem has peaceful city views, offering a little respite from the bustle of town. It was named after the Jamaican political activist Marcus Garvey.

23. Hamilton

You’re thinking about the play. We’re thinking about Hamilton Heights, a neighborhood in upper Manhattan where a certain Alexander once had an estate.

24. Washington

Between Washington Square Park and Washington Heights, this is a decidedly New York-inspired baby name. And, it doesn’t hurt that the most famous president shares the moniker, too.

25. Kennedy

From the reservoir to the airport, it’s clear Kennedy wields some influence in the Big Apple. It’s gender-neutral and imbues the bearer with grace and class.

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