20 Baby Boomer Names That Are at Risk of Going Extinct

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Sure, we may roll our eyes at them on occasion, but we really do love the boomers in our life. They make a mean meatloaf, know how to rock a stylish bob and aren’t afraid of hard work. So why not turn to this strong and steady generation for some baby name inspo? Particularly if you’re after a moniker that feels warm, comforting and even classic. But if you’re looking for a name that has those vibes and is totally unique, look no further than this list of baby boomer names that are at risk of going extinct.

To uncover these names, new media company Stacker consulted the Social Security Administration's baby name database and compiled a list of 974 names given to at least 5,000 baby boomers (i.e., those born between 1946 and 1964). They then selected the top girls’ and boys’ names from this list that were given to fewer than 75 babies born in 2021 (data released in 2022). Translation? Pick one of these monikers for your baby and you may be credited with single-handedly keeping it alive.

10 Boomer Baby Boy Names at Risk of Going Extinct

1. Doyle
2. Wilbert
3. Chuck
4. Horace
5. Delbert
6. Pat
7. Doug
8. Lynn
9. Kim
10. Bob

10 Boomer Baby Girl Names at Risk of Going Extinct

1. Sondra
2. Laverne
3. Pat
4. Deloris
5. Gale
6. Ronda
7. Pam
8. Shelia
9. Patty
10. Jan

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