The One Hair Trend That Boomers and Millennials Actually Agree On

The Internet loves to pit generations against each other, and while it can be fun to debate the best way to part your hair or how to sign off on emails, we’d like to put our differences aside for a moment to focus on some things we actually agree on—like one very specific haircut that seems to transcend the generational divides: the bob.

Whether worn blunt and center-parted, sharply angled and sleek or choppy with a generous side bang, the classic cut is beloved by our Boomer mothers and millennial friends alike. (Heck, even our Gen X and Z friends are into the shorter style).

Ageless benefits of the bob include healthier-looking ends, more volume throughout and the breeziness of not having hair stuck to the back of your neck. Let’s take a closer look at why and how the cut can work for anyone, regardless of age.

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Anna Wintour Bob
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Perhaps one of the best-known bobs, here is Anna Wintour, a Boomer, in her signature cut. Complete with full fringe and rounded ends that hug her face, Wintour has been wearing this style for decades, proving it has staying power.

kerry washington bob
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Wintour’s sleek, rounded bob is definitely more of a statement look that can be trickier to style day in and day out, which is why we’re fans of Kerry’s beachier cut. With choppy ends and a tousled wave throughout, this bob feels a bit fresher and is more accessible to different hair textures.

greta lee bob
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

If you have finer hair that won’t hold a curl to save its life, we’d recommend a single-length bob with blunt ends like Greta’s here to create more body throughout. Hitting at just under the chin with slightly angled ends, the cut is elegant with a little edge (much like the wearer).

florence pugh bob
Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

The latest bob to create buzz is none other than Florence Pugh’s “Italian Bob” aka “The Boyfriend Bob,” which has taken both Instagram and TikTok by storm this summer. As Austin Burns, a stylist at Mirror Mirror Salon in Austin, Texas shares, “Ask your stylist to snip in some interior layers to add separation and keep the shape from becoming too round.”

In sum, yesterday’s shag might become today’s jellyfish cut, but the bob—in all its variations—is forever more.

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