7 Fall Hair Trends for Short Hair, According to a Top New York Salon

Whether you already have short hair (which we’ll categorize here as hair that sits at or above the shoulders) or you’re considering making the chop, we have some options for you to consider. Jenna Perry and her team of stylists at the Jenna Perry Hair Studio in lower Manhattan share their predictions for the biggest hair trends for short hair this fall.

9 Fall Beauty Trends You Can Get a Head Start On (Before Everyone Else)

Meet the Expert:

Jenna Perry, a celebrity stylist and owner of Jenna Perry Salon in New York.

1. Center-Parted Slick

A go-to look these days is a “clean, center parted style” that you can either wear down with the ends “tucked behind the ears or pulled back into a low bun.”

2. ‘90s Heartthrob

The ‘90s teen heartthrob (i.e., Devon Sawa, JTT and Leo) had a signature long and layered haircut that you wanted to run your hands through. Borrowing inspiration from that era, we’re seeing similar styles on all genders this fall.

3. Y2K Accessories

Speaking of that era, it’s time to bring back the butterfly clips and barrettes, y’all (and the scrunchies and claw clips, too). Fact: Some playful accessorizing breathes new life to your everyday bob.

4. Off-centered Crops

Another big trend for short hair this fall? According to Perry, intentionally tousled textures that are parted off-center and pushed to one side create sexy volume on a cropped cut. 

5. Sharp Bob

Per Team Perry, “pin straight bobs with ends that fall in perfect line are always in.” The clean cut is best worn above the shoulders and parted down the middle like Kelly here. 

6. The Winona

“Winona Ryder-inspired, super short and textured pixie cuts” are gaining popularity this fall. The style is a refreshing (and chic) way to get rid of dead weight and ends. Plus, as a former pixie wearer ourselves, we can attest that the day-to-day washing and styling is an absolute breeze.

7. Wind Swept Lobs

You know what goes well with those curtain bangs that you got earlier this summer? A “shoulder-length lob with piece-y highlights.” And there’s no need to break out the hot tools either. Perry recommends wearing this style au natural, so it has “a messy, air dried” texture.

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