14 Double Baby Names That Are Too Cute for Words

It’s a Southern tradition that’s totally trending

Want your baby’s name to be original? Double baby names are the way to go. It’s actually a Southern tradition to choose two monikers for your newborn, and it’s totally trending. Here, 14 adorable combos that we love the most.

18 Southern Baby Names Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

double names 0000

1. Sarah Blanche

Meaning: “Princess” and “fair.” Not a bad combo.

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2. John Preston

Meaning: “Gracious” and “from a spiritual place.” (Plus, a nod to Sex and the City’s Mr. Big.)

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3. Anna Grace

Meaning: Anna actually means “grace,” so voilà! The perfect pairing.

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4. Mary Kate

Meaning: “Wished-for child” meets “pure and clear.” Aww.

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5. Jack Wyatt

Meaning: Both names together mean “man guide.” So basically, he’s a lumberjack-in-training.

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6. Emma Reese

Meaning: “Whole” and “fiery.” Go baby, go.

double names 0006

7. Roy Lee

Meaning: “King” and “meadow.” Love that combo.

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8. Katie Belle

Meaning: “Pure” and “beautiful.” (Cue the Harry Potter references.)

double names 0008

9. Lila Jane

Meaning: “Dark-haired beauty” and “God’s gracious gift.” She slays.

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10. Sawyer Ford

Meaning: “Cuts timber” and “river crossing.” (Hopefully not at the same time.)

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11. Stella Ruth

Meaning: “Star” and “companion.” Be still our heart.

double names 0011

12. Jenna Lyn

Meaning: “Fair lady” and “lion-like.” Damn, girl.

double names 0010

13. Celia Ann

Meaning: “From the heavens” and “grace.”

double names sue ellen
Cinema Plus

14. Sue Ellen

Meaning: “Lily” and “light.” (Also, looks good in shoulder pads.)

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