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Oh, you Los Angeles kids have it good--hitting the waves, going on rad getaways, eating farmers' market veggies so yummy you don’t wrinkle your nose and basically living the dream.

So what’s the right moniker for a little tyke so that they feel at home in the City of Angels? Here are the names that evoke the beauty and glamour of our fair city…and are also too cute for words.

Kids Skateboard 618x355


With a name like this, there’s no doubt he’ll be a real mover and shaker.

Baby Crying 618x355


We foresee a perfectly behaved child. Or maybe, an ironically colicky crier.

Baby Inflight 618x355


Bev Hills was actually named after a Massachusetts town north of Boston, so if you’re always talking about going “back East,” this name’s for you.

Baby Glasses 618x782


Boy or girl, this evokes power, privilege and prestige (it’s the surname of a great L.A. Times publisher). So get ready for the entitlement.

Dashiell 618x782


Because glam noir is just what everyone wants in a baby. (And it’s Harvey Weinstein’s preschool-aged son's name, so there’s that.)

Drake 618x782


Calabasas, represent.

Getty 618x445


Want your kid to be the next Picasso? This name is synonymous with wealth and fine art.

Gidget 618x782


The original wahine name is ready to stage a comeback on some tasty waves.

Monica 618x782


Oh, Santa Monica, land of sea breezes and pricey square footage, we want to have your baby.

Oscar 618x782


Seriously, no pressure.

Pedro 618x782


San Pedro (pronounced PEE-droh) was the cradle of seminal punk band The Minutemen. So if you name your kid this, he just might be the voice of a new generation.

Poppy 618x355


It’s the state flower. (And also the basis of the painkiller epidemic, but she won’t know that for years.)

Sunset 618x355


Because ours are the most beautiful.

West 618x782


No, not after Kanye. But after the wild, wild time we’re all having out here.

Wilshire 618x782


It’s the century-old boulevard that takes you from downtown to the sea. History, money, beauty. Your kid will have it all. Just don’t expect a lot of movement from 5 to 7 p.m. every day.

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