50 Spanish Baby Names for Boys That Are Muy Bonito

From Alejandro to Vito

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Tapas, Flamenco, Rioja wine—those Spaniards really know a thing or two about the finer things in life. Case in point: these beautiful names for your adorable little chico.

We rounded up the masculine Spanish names, including popular choices, elegant classics and some truly unique monikers, too. Without further ado, here are 50 beautiful Spanish uncommon baby names for boys. (Just remember that the “J”s are pronounced as “H”s.)

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Most Popular Spanish Baby Names for Boys

1. Juan

A Spanish twist on John, this one is short and sweet. (And remember, the “J” is pronounced as “H”.)

2. Diego

Maradona, Rivera, Boneta… this name comes with a lot of prestige. It’s the Hispanic version of James with a meaning of “supplanter.”

3. Joaquín

Pronounced wah-KEEN. (You know, as in Phoenix.) It means “established by God.”

4. Javier

Means “bright.” (You should probably start saving for an Ivy League school.)

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5. David

Pronounced Dah-VEED, this timeless classic has a sweet and fitting meaning of “beloved.”

6. Sebastian

Or just Seb for short. This popular Spanish moniker of Greek origin means “venerable” and “revered.”

7. Manuel

But when you’re in a rush, it’s just Manny. Either way, it means “God is with us.”

8. Mateo

Soft, pleasant-sounding and oh-so trendy, this one is the Spanish form of Matthew and has a shared meaning of “gift of God.”

9. Jorge

A strong moniker with Greek origins, this popular baby name means “farmer” or “earth worker.”

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10. Alejandro

Meaning “defender of mankind.” For pronunciation, see Lady Gaga’s smash hit.

11. Pablo

This sweet and cute sounding name has a meaning to match, ”humble.” It also happens to be the perfect moniker for a future artiste (as in, Picasso).

12. Antonio

This strong, classic name has Latin roots and a flattering meaning of “highly praiseworthy.”

13. Pedro

The Latino version of Peter has Hebrew origins and a meaning of “stone” or “rock.”

14. Adrian

This melodic name has Latin and Greek origins and meanings of “son of Adria” and “rich,” respectively

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15. Mario

“Manly” and “Mars” are the meanings of this popular Spanish name of Italian origin, but we think it’s best suited to a video game enthusiast.

16. Martin

If you want to add some Spanish flair to this classic name, be sure to pronounce it mar-TEEN. This one has a fierce meaning of “God of war” and “dedicated to Mars.”

17. Jose

This name of Brazilian and Portuguese origin has ties to the biblical character Joseph and a shared meaning of “God multiplies, he will add.”

18. Carlos

Here, the Spanish version of Charles with a meaning of “free man.”

19. Carlitos

A diminutive form of Carlos, this cute take on a classic has the same meaning of “free man.” Let this little guy loose on the playground and watch how he lives up to his name.

Elegant Spanish Baby Names for Boys

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20. Felipe

Perfect for equestrians, this adorable moniker means “loves horses.”

21. Alvaro

“Guardian” and “elf warrior” are the meanings of this suave sounding, classic moniker. Let’s just say it gets high marks for mystique.

22. Andrès

Andrès boasts a soft and melodic sound that belies its fierce meaning of “warrior.”

23. Gael

As in García Bernal. This one actually has Gaelic origins and a meaning of “Irishman” (and “heartthrob”).

24. Tomás

Pronounced toe-MAHS, this one means “twin,” but would be adorable for any type of sibling.

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25. Enrique

Means “ruler of the house.” (Or the karaoke bar, perhaps?)

26. Emiliano

This name of Italian and Spanish origin means “eager” and “rival.” We’re rooting for the first meaning to win out during the teen years.

27. Cèsar

This Latin moniker has historical ties to Julius Caesar and a meaning of “long-haired” or “full of head of hair.”

28. Gabriel

Gabriel is a name of Hebrew origin with a religious meaning of “God is my strength.”

29. Matías

This soft and melodic masculine name means “gift of God.”

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30. Rodrigo

Means “famous ruler,” but no pressure.

31. Fernando

Great for ABBA lovers—this moniker has old-school masculine vibes, German origins and a meaning of “bold voyager.”

32. Alonso

“Noble,” “eager” and “ready for battle are the meanings of this smooth sounding Spanish name.

33. Francisco

A decidedly stately sounding moniker with a long history, Francisco has both Spanish and Portuguese origins and a meaning of “free man.”

34. Reinaldo

Also spelled ‘Renaldo,’ this sophisticated moniker rolls off the tongue and boasts a meaning of “ruler’s advisor.” (Though we think your Reinaldo will be second to none.)

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35. Gasper

A close relative of Casper, this elegant name has French, German, Portuguese and Spanish roots and a meaning of “treasure.”

36. Santiago

Means “Saint James,” the patron saint of Spaniards.

Unique Spanish Baby Names for Boys

37. Rafael

The Spanish spelling of the Hebrew name, Raphael, meaning “God has healed,” this one oozes sophistication.

38. Aldo

This humble moniker means “very old,” which is pretty darn cute.

39. Jaime

Pronounced HI-may, this Spanish form of the classic name James has the same meaning of “supplanter.”

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40. Dario

This charming name has Italian origins and an equally pleasing meaning of “possessing goodness.” (What more can you ask for, right?)

41. Ricardo

A classic name with a vintage vibe, this name has Portuguese, Spanish and Mexican origins and a fierce meaning of “powerful leader.”

42. Raul

Here, the Spanish form of Ralph with a badass meaning of “wolf counsel.”

43. Ignacio

This smart and sophisticated sounding Spanish moniker of Latin origin has a fierce meaning of “fiery one.”

44. Guillermo

Guillermo is a name of Mexican and Spanish origin that has a meaning of “will helmet.” Let’s just say we see some tantrums in your future.

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45. Jonay

Derived from Garajonay, this Canarian place name of Guanche origin is a unique and pretty cool gender-neutral moniker.

46. Efrain

Efrain is a Spanish take on the Hebrew name Ephraim. Both mean “fruitful.”

47. Airam

This unisex name of Spanish origin has an unknown meaning, but is believed by some to have come about because it is the reverse spelling of the feminine name Maria.

48. Berilo

Berilo is a unique name of Spanish origin that means “pale green gemstone.”

49. Quixote

Don Quixote comes to mind, but this one can be used as a given name, too and is typically associated with an honorary title.

50. Vito

A little bit Spanish, a little bit Italian and a whole lot of cuteness.

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