Tapas, Flamenco, Rioja wine—those Spaniards really know a thing or two about the finer things in life. Case in point: these beautiful names for your adorable little chico. Here are 20 beautiful baby names for boys. (Just remember that the “J”s are pronounced as “H”s.)

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Baby with guitar
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1. Alejandro

For pronunciation, see Lady Gaga’s smash hit.

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2. Santiago

Means “Saint James,” the patron saint of Spaniards.

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3. Diego

The Hispanic version of James.

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4. Matías

Means “gift of God.”

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5. Joaquín

Pronounced wah-KEEN. (You know, as in Phoenix.)

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6. Aldo

Means “very old,” which is pretty darn cute.

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7. Sebastian

Or just Seb for short.

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8. Tomas

Means “twin,” but would be adorable for any type of sibling.

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9. Carlitos

Means “free man.” Let this little guy loose on the playground and watch how he lives up to his name.

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10. Enrique

Means “ruler of the house.” (Well, obviously.)

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11. Vito

A little bit Spanish, a little bit Italian and a whole lot of cuteness.

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12. Fernando

Great for ABBA lovers.

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13. Rodrigo

Means “famous ruler,” but no pressure.

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14. Felipe

Perfect for equestrians, this adorable moniker means “loves horses.”

Little Spanish boy playing in the park
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15. Manuel

But when you’re in a rush, it’s just Manny.

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16. Juan

A Spanish twist on John.

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17. Javier

Means “bright.” (You should probably start saving for an Ivy League school.)

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18. Mateo

So trendy.

Little Spanish boy playing soccer on the street
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19. Jorge

A strong moniker with Greek origins, it’s one of the ten most popular baby names in Spain.

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