105 Irish Baby Names That We're Totally Going to Steal

From Aisling to Ronan

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Finding the perfect name for your baby can be equally stressful and fun. After all, the decision is (usually) permanent, so you want to get it right. What moniker will encapsulate their personality? How will they stand out from the crowd (without overdoing it)? You’ve probably heard the expression “luck of the Irish”—maybe it has something to do with their aptitude for selecting delightful baby names with so many darling vowels.

We consulted Irish internet sources, including and, and came up with a list of Irish baby names, so you can be transported to a world filled with tranquility, Celtic fiddle music and lush greenery as far as the eye can see every time you’re chasing around your 2-year-old.

100 Uncommon Baby Names

irish baby names
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Irish Baby Girl Names

1. Aoife

The Irish take on Eva or Ava (it’s pronounced similarly), this popular name is a tribute to “the greatest woman warrior in the world.”

2. Nora

A shortened form of Eleanor, it’s derived from the Latin words for “honor” and “reputation.”

3. Finnoula

This Irish name loosely translates to “fair shouldered” (yeah, we don't know what that means, either) and is pronounced “finn-ula.”

4. Nessa

Nessa means “ambitious, fierce.” If you’re looking for an Irish name that’s nice and original but doesn’t sound weird, this one fits the bill.

5. Teagan

This one might give your daughter a big head; it’s Irish for “beautiful.”

6. Sinead

It’s the Irish form of Jane and means “God is gracious.” Worried about the O’Connor thing? Remember: the next generation definitely won’t get any “Nothing Compares to You” references.

7. Catriona

In the U.S., we say Catherine, but it’s Catrionia to the Irish. Both names come from the older Greek word for “pure.”

8. Saoirse

With the feisty meaning of “liberty,” Saoirse (“sir-sha”) has gained popularity as an Irish baby girl’s name thanks to the popular actress.

9. Niamh

Looking for an Irish name with some mythological allure? In Irish lore, Niamh was the daughter of the sea god, Manannan. It means “bright” and is pronounced like “neeve.”

10. Ciara

Translating to “little dark one,” this popular Irish name can also be spelled as Kiera or Keira.

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11. Kennedy

Suitable for a boy or girl, the name Kennedy is every bit as presidential as you’d think—in old Gaelic, it means “helmeted chief.”

12. Alana

Though Latin in origin, Alana takes a page from the Irish “leanbh,” which means child, while the name itself translates to “precious, awakening.”

13. Maeve

Some things are so precious you can’t take your eyes away—Maeve means “intoxicating,” coming from the old Gaelic “Méabh.” In Irish folklore, Queen Maeve ruled during the first century, known for her strength, resilience and occasional ruthlessness as a warrior.

14. Cassidy

With a name like this, they’re destined to be whip-smart: Cassidy means “the clever one.”

15. Molly

Molly is an iconic Irish name, immortalized in The Dubliner’s “Sweet Molly Malone.” The name means “star of the sea.”

16. Siobhan

As with Sinead, Siobhan (pronounced “sheh-vahn”) means “God is gracious” and dates back to 14th century Ireland.

17. Aisling

Meaning “dream, vision,” Aisling is the Irish equivalent of Ashley or Ashlynn. It has a similar pronunciation: “ash-ling.”

18. Brigid

Derived from “brígh,” which translates to “strength” from Irish Gaelic, Brigid means “exalted one.” She is the country’s patron saint, as well as the patron of scholars, healers and poets.

19. Darcy

Notably the moniker of a very eligible bachelor in one of English literature's most beloved novels, the name Darcy means “dark-haired” or “descendent of the dark.”

20. Roisin

For the blossom in your life, Roisin (pronounced “ro-SHEEN”) means “little rose.” The Anglicized version of this Irish name is Rosaleen.

irish baby names
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21. Ryanne

Ryanne is the feminization of Ryan, which means “king.” You can also spell it as “Riane.”

22. Tierney

Tierney is a unisex Irish name that translates to “lord, master,” coming from the Gaelic “Ó Tíghearnaigh,” which means “descendant of a lord.”

23. Kayleigh

Here’s a twist on the more typical Kaylee or Kayley. Kayleigh means “slim, fair” and comes from the Irish words “caol, finn.”

24. Aileen

As the Anglicized spelling of “Eibhlín,” Aileen is Gaelic for the Greek “Helene,” a name most famously born by Helen of Troy, the Spartan queen who was the cause of the Trojan war. Resplendent in beauty, Aileen means “bright, shining light.”

25. Maura

Maura is a nautical Irish baby girl name meaning “star of the sea.”

 26. Murphy

One of Ireland’s most common family names, Murphy is a gender-neutral moniker that means “warrior of the sea.”

27. Emmett

Though sometimes considered the masculine version of Emma, Emmett, which means “universal, truth,” lives up to its literal name as a gender-neutral appellation.

28. Ashleen

A relative of Aisling, Ashleen means “dream,” which your baby girl is bound to be. 

29. Brennan

Brennan is a gender-neutral Irish name that means “teardrop, sorrow, raven,” showing the beauty in brokenness and brokenness of beauty.

30. Casey

Casey is a unisex Irish baby name derived from “Cathasaigh,” which means “watchful, vigilant, brave.”

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31. Cassidy

Meaning “the clever one,” Cassidy is derived from the Irish surname O Caiside.

32. Hennessy

Also the name of a sophisticated cognac (and Cardi B’s sister), the Irish name Hennessy means “one strength, energy.”

33. Éire

Translating to “Ireland,” in Irish lore, Éire (“eye-ruh”) was a goddess said to have named the country after herself. In other words, it doesn’t get more Irish than this.

34. Sloane

From the clan name Ó Sluaghhadáin, the unisex name Sloane means “raider, warrior.”

35. Aoibhinn

Aoibhinn means “beautiful sheen, radiant beauty” and is pronounced “eev-een,” also spelled Aoibheann. In Irish myth, Aoibhinn was St. Edna of Aran’s mother and remains a popular name today.

36. Sadhbh

Princesses, both real and fictionalized, have possessed this Irish name throughout history, including daughters of Conn of the Hundred Battles, Queen Medb of Connacht and King Brian Boru. Sadhbh (“sigh-ve”) can also be spelled Sabha and means “sweet, goodness.”

37. Laoise

The feminine version of Lugh and Lugus, Laoise is pronounced “lee-sha” and means “light.” Lugus was the Celtic god of craftsmanship and commerce.

38. Imogen

Imogen means “maiden” and has Greek roots: “inno” meaning beloved and “gen,” child.  

39. Riley

Riley is a unisex Irish baby name derived from the Gaelic “raghalach,” meaning “valiant.” Alternative spellings include Ryeleigh, Reilly and Rylee.

40. Brianna

“High, noble, exalted,” the name Brianna is the feminization of Brian, after the famed king, Brian Boru, who liberated Ireland from the hold of the Vikings.

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41. Delaney

This popular name stems from Ó Dubhshláine and has a formidable definition: “dark challenger.” Delaney is a suitable name for a baby boy or girl.

42. Mackenna

The meaning of the Irish name Mackenna is “son of the handsome one, fire born,” which will call out your baby boy or girl’s adorable features and fighting spirit.

43. Lennon

This one might sound familiar thanks to a certain member of The Beatles. And, in a nod to the era the band embodied, Lennon means “lover.”

44. Emer

Emer is the anglicized version of Eimer, which translates to “swift.” It’s pronounced “ee-mur.”

45. Aibreann

Having a spring baby? This name will suit her—Aibreann is “April,” pronounced “ab-rawn.”

46. Caoilainn

Pronounced “kay-lin” or “key-lin,” Caoilainn is a pretty Irish name that means “fair or pure.”

47. Eithne

The name of many an Irish goddess (and several saints), Eithne means “nut kernel,” said to be a compliment in old Bardic poetry. Say it with us: “eth-na.”

48. Miren

According to Irish legend, Miren was a 6th century mermaid captured by a local fisherman who was eventually transformed into a woman. Her name means “sea white, sea fair.”

49. Orla

King Brian Boru’s sister, daughter and niece all shared this regal name, which translates to “golden princess.” Orla was a common name in the Middle Ages and is also spelled Orlaith or Orlagh.

50. Rionach

In Irish lore, Rionach (“ray-nuh”) was the wife of a Celtic king, so it’s fitting that her name means “queenly.”

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51. Keira

Keira is the feminine version of the name Ciaran, which means “dark-haired and brown-eyed.”

52. Kathleen

The Irish form of Catherine, Kathleen refers to St. Catherine, who was known for her purity and courage. Though it has fallen out of favor, this name was historically very popular: It was the name chosen for the heroine in a play written by W.B. Yeats and, according to data from the Social Security Administration, was a common choice for girls on this side of the pond in the 1940s and 50s.

53. Neave

Pronounced NEE-iv, Neave is derived from Niamh, a golden-haired princess in Irish folklore. The name means “radiance, luster and brightness.”

Irish Baby Boy Names

1. Eamon

This Irish name is pronounced “aim-on” and means “guardian of the riches.”

2. Colm

This one comes from Saint Columba, who was known for being a great poet and a scholar (so, an excellent name for future smarty-pants).

3. Liam

The Irish form of William, the translation means “strong protector.” (And the Neeson reference isn’t lost on us.)

4. Quinn

It’s one of the most common names in Northern Ireland, but stateside it still feels fresh and original. Quinn is a unisex name that means “descendant of Conn,” but other translations include “wise” and “counsel.”

5. Art

Short for Arthur in English, the name—derived from the ancient word for “bear”—stands on its own across the pond.

6. Dillon

An Irish spin on Dylan, it means “faithful,” “loyal” and “flash of lightning.”

7. Ennis

It means “island.” In a sentence, no man is an Ennis (pronounced “n-hiss”).

8. Clooney

The Irish name Clooney means “intriguing rogue.” Yeah, that makes sense.

9. Connor

Connor is the shortened form of “Conchobhar,” which translates to “lover of wolves.” The name itself means “hunter.”

10. Sean

Suitable for a guy or gal, this Irish baby name has the same meaning as Sinead: “God is gracious.” Sean is the Hebrew variant of John, inspired by the French Jean. You can also spell it Shaun or Shawn.

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11. Alroy

Alroy comes from the word “rua,” which means “red”—a fitting name for any ginger-haired babe.

12. Cormac

This noble Irish name comes steeped in history. Translating to “son of the charioteer,” the name most famously belonged to the third-century High King of Ireland, Cormac Mac Airt, a benevolent ruler said to be the country’s best king.

13. Oisin

Oisin (pronounced “OSH-een”) means “small deer.” In Irish mythology, Oisin was a warrior and poet.

14. Niall

This is the name of a winner: Niall means “champion,” coming from the old Irish “niadh.”

15. Killian

With a double meaning of “bright-headed” and “little warrior,” Killian is an Irish name name that will remind your baby to tackle their wildest dreams and fight for what they believe in.

16. Rowan

Have a redhead in the family? Rowan means “red-haired” and will suit your baby perfectly.

17. Rory

This gender-neutral Irish name has been the moniker of a High King of Ireland and a beloved Gilmore Girls protagonist. Taken from the Irish “ruadh” (red), it means “red king.”

18. Carrick

Strong and steady, the Irish name Carrick means “rock.”

19. Finbar

Finbar is a variation on Fionnbharr, itself stemming from the Gaelic term “fionn.” Finbar translates to “fair-headed.”

20. Lochlan

Historically, Lochlan was a name given to red- or fair- haired boys, meaning “land of the lakes.” It draws its roots from the Vikings who settled Ireland. 

irish baby names
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21. Redmond

Meaning “wise protector”, alternative spellings of Redmond include Reamann or Raemonn, with the modern-day equivalent being Raymond.

22. Peyton

Peyton is a gender-neutral Irish name with a masculine alternative of Patrick. It means “fighting man’s estate.”

23. Kevin

Give your good-looking cutie an appropriate moniker with Kevin, which means “handsome.” It’s derived from “Caoimhín,” translating to handsome birth.

24. Murtagh

If you have a feeling your baby will be a little adventurer, Murtagh is an appropriate Irish name, meaning “sea warrior” and “mariner.” Or maybe you have an affinity for Sherlock Holmes—Moriarty is a variation on the name, meaning “navigator.”

25. Ronan

Ronan is a happy Irish baby boy name translating to “little seal,” and is popular among Irish and Scottish saints, symbolizing humor and good fortune.

26. Shane

An Irish twist on Sean, Shane also means “God is gracious.” While a unisex name, it is more common for boys, making it a unique girl’s name.

27. Kiernan

Kiernan comes from MacKiernan, a clan that settled in western Ireland. It translates to “son of a lord” or “dark-haired.”

28. Donovan 

Donovan is a name born by 10th century Irish nobility and is the Anglicized version of O’Donnabhain, meaning “dark, brown-haired chieftain.”

29. Brayden

“Broad, brave, wise,” the Irish name Braydon comes from the Irish word for salmon, “bradan.” Salmon represent wisdom and bravery, two excellent qualities you’d wish for your baby.

30. Boyle

Though the name means “angry, rash,” that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your baby will become someone who isn’t afraid to get riled up about the important things and fight for them.

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31. Cory

Cory, also spelled Corey, is a unisex Irish name that translates to “from the hollow.”

32. Cael

Translating to “narrow, slender,” in Irish mythology, Cael was reputed to be a phenomenal warrior.

33. Keagan

The Anglicized version of the clan name Mac Aodhagáin, Keagn means “fiery, ardent.”

34. Gleason

This gender-neutral Irish name means “green, blue, grey,” stemming from the Gaelic “Ó Glasáin.”

35. Oscar

With Scandinavian and Irish roots, in Irish Gaelic Oscar, translating to “spear of the gods,” can also be spelled Oscur, which also means “dear friend” and is pronounced “oss-ka.”

36. Nolan

This old Irish name dates to the 12th century and means “noble, famous.” It’s a riff on the O'Nullian family name; the clan was influential in the country’s southern region and in good favor with kings.

37. Cian

Cian means “ancient.” In Irish mythology, Cian is the son of the god of medicine.

38. Torin

Translating to “chief,” Torin was the title of old clan leaders. The name is related to the Gaelic “toirneach,” meaning “thunder.” It’s a name that indicates the bearer will be a fierce protector of people and things they love.

39. Rafferty

From the Old Irish “rath,” which means “prosperity,” Rafferty means “one who will prosper.

40. Finley

Instill a bit of courage in your little one with the Irish name Finley, which suits a baby boy or girl—though traditionally it has been a male moniker. Finley means “fair-haired courageous one.”

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41. Eoin

Pronounced “owen,” Eoin, like Shane, means “God is gracious” and is considered the Irish version of John. You can also spell it Eoghan.

42. Darragh

The Irish name Darragh (“da-ra”) is a riff on Darian, meaning “oak tree” or “wealthy.”

43. Ciaran

Ciaran (“keer-awn” or “keer-in”) means “dark-haired,” derived from the Gaelic “ciar,” meaning black. In Irish history, Saint Ciaran is believed to be the first of the Irish saints.

44. Eoghan

Translating to “youth,” Eoghan is pronounced “yew-en” or “yo-wen.”

45. Aengus

From aon, meaning “excellent” and gus, “strength, vigor,” Aengus was the god of love and youth as immortalized in “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by William Butler Yeats. It’s pronounced “eng-iss.”

46. Diarmuid

Diarmuid (“deer-mid”) is the old Irish form of Dermot, meaning “free from envy.” In the Irish legend of Diarmuid and Gráinne, Diarmuid finds himself entangled in a love triangle.

47. Padraig

A version of the name Patrick, Padraig is pronounced “por-rick” and means “patrician, noble.”

48. Pearse

Like its French counterpart, Pearse translates to “stone.” The English equivalent is Pierce.

49. Turlough

Turlough means “abettor, instigator” and was the name of two High Kings of Ireland. Many will think of Turlough O’Carolan, who unofficially bears the title of the country’s national composer. The name is pronounced “tur-la” with an English equivalent of Terry or Terrence.

50. Tadhg

With a name like Tadhg (“tie-g”), your baby is an artist in the making. It means “poet” and was the name of many an Irish king and prince.

51. Malachy

Malachy is an Irish name that has ties to the Hebrew prophet Malachi, as well as the High King Maoilseachlainn, who was one of St. Patrick’s companions. It means “my angel” and “messenger of God.”

52. Aedan

An alternate (and more authentically Irish) spelling of the name Aiden—this one is a diminutive form of the name Aed, which means “fire.”

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