The 50 Most Adorable Greek Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Is the bun in your oven a Penelope or an Ajax?

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From delicious salad to epic mythology, we owe a lot to Greece. And don’t even get us started on gyros…but instead of naming our child tzatziki (although, it does kinda have a nice flavor and gender-neutral ring to it), we discovered 50 Greek baby names that are worthy of your future offspring. Here, the cutest ones to add to your list, whether you’re naming a boy, a girl or just looking for a unisex option.

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Greek Baby Names for Girls

greek names athena

1. Athena

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology. Give this one to your baby girl and she’s sure to be a child prodigy.

2. Daphne

Daphne is a perky feminine moniker with Greek origins, ties to a mythological nymph and a lovely botanical meaning of “laurel tree.”

3. Penelope

Or Penny for short—this classic feminine name meaning “weaver” comes from Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. (It’s also seriously fun to say.)

4. Calista

This melodic feminine name of Greek and Latin origin has ties to a mythological Arcadian with the power to transform into a she-bear. It means “the most beautiful.”

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5. Rhea

This gentle feminine name of Greek origin means “flowing river” and boasts powerful associations with motherhood and family.

6. Hera

In Greek mythology, Hera is the Goddess of marriage, protector of women in childbirth and queen of the Olympian gods. Yep, the future is most definitely female.

7. Ariadne

A Cretan princess in Greek mythology whose name boasts a lofty meaning of “most holy” and a super cute nickname of Ari to boot.

8. Thalia

In Greek mythology, Thalia is one of the Three Graces and the muse of comedy. Give this one to a little girl and there will never be a dull moment.

9. Theodora

This melodic feminine moniker can be traced back to ancient Mycenaean Greek. It means “God’s gift.”

greek names theodora

10. Hermione

This one belongs to the daughter of the King of Spartan and Helen of Troy in Greek mythology, which explains the name’s meaning of “well-born.” (Also, duh, that’s why she was sorted into Gryffindor.)

11. Angele

Derived from the Greek word angelos, this soft feminine moniker means “messenger.” (Of the heavenly variety, that is.)

12. Demetria

Or Demi for short. This name means “follower of Demeter,” which is a reference to the goddess of harvest and mother of Persephone in Greek mythology.

13. Lana

This short and melodic moniker has multiple origins, but in Greek it means “light.”

14. Philippa

Peppy and downright fun to say—this feminine name of Greek origin has a meaning of “horse’s friend.” (So, yes, she’ll probably ask you for a pony one day.)

greek names thalia

15. Eulalia

This very Greek name has a meaning of “sweetly speaking,” which means you can count on an articulate kid (and then hope she lives up to the sweet part during her teen years).

16. Leda

In Greek mythology, Leda (pronounced LAY-da) is a beautiful woman who seduced Zeus. In this world, it’s a sweet and melodic name that still feels fresh and boasts a lovely meaning of “happy.”

17. Leora

“Compassion and light” is the meaning of this elegant name, which has both Greek and Hebrew origins. It’s also a good fit for parents looking for a more unique and modern version of Eleanor.

18. Iris

This sweet feminine moniker was plucked straight from Greek mythology and the connection is quite a beautiful one because Iris is the goddess of rainbows who delivers messages to the Gods. In other words, we recommend it for a true unicorn baby.

19. Phoebe

Phoebe is a feminine name derived from the Greek god of the sun, Phoebus Apollo, and has a corresponding meaning of “bright,” “radiant” and “pure.”

greek baby hera

20. Cora

In Greek mythology, Cora (sometimes spelled with a K) is an alternative name for Persephone, the daughter of Zeus. It has a fresh, cool vibes and multiple meanings of “core,” “heart” and “maiden.”

Greek Baby Names for Boys

21. Achilles

A mythological Trojan war hero from Homer’s Iliad whose name means “pain.” (And let’s just say, stay off his heel.)

22. Kostas

Fans of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants will recognize this name from the movie. (Hint: He was a total heartthrob.) That said, Kostas dates way back as a Greek given name with a meaning of “steadfast.”

23. Nikos

Originally a nickname derived from the Greek given name Nikolaos, Nikos has evolved to be a standalone masculine moniker. It has a vibe that’s both traditional and unique, plus a fierce meaning of “victory of the people.”

24. Kristos

A decidedly fresher and more unique version of the Greek name Christopher with the same meaning: “bearer of Christ.”

greek names achilles

25. Isidore

This masculine moniker is derived from a Greek given name that means “gift of Isis,” which is a badass reference to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Healing. Plus, how cute is the nickname Izzy?

26. Dimitrios

“Earth-lover” is the meaning of this sturdy sounding masculine name, which also implies being a “follower of Demeter” (i.e., the Greek goddess of agriculture). We see a green thumb in your boy’s future.

27. Hercules

Probably the best known figure from Greek mythology, Hercules is a famed demi-god and fearless warrior who went from zero to hero, just like that. (It’s all in the Disney movie, friends.)

28. Ajax

The fierce sound of this masculine moniker meaning “eagle” matches its Greek history as the name of a famous Trojan war hero from Homer’s Iliad. We’re getting too-cool-for-school vibes here.

29. Orion

A given name of Greek origins and a famous constellation, this masculine moniker means “rising in the sky.” (Makes sense, right?)

greek names kostas

30. Elias

Elias is a name of Greek and Hebrew origin with ties to the biblical prophet Elijah and a religious meaning of “the Lord is my God.” It’s also worth noting that the combination of vowels and soft consonants give it a particularly melodic sound.

31. Alexander

Here, a timeless classic of Greek and Latin origin with a familiar nickname (i.e., Alex) and a lofty meaning of “defender of man.”

32. Georgios

“Farmer” is the humble meaning of this masculine name—the Greek version of George, which has ranked (along with the alternate spelling of Yiorgos) among the most popular names in the country for many years.

33. Constantine

This name of Russian and Latin origin is another exceedingly popular choice in Greece. (It ranks at number three of the most popular masculine monikers, according to Greek Reporter.) The meaning? “Constant and steadfast.”

34. Yiannis

A Greek version of the familiar and timeless classic, John, this masculine name has biblical ties and a meaning of “God is gracious.”

greek names nikos

35. Michail

This name is the Greek version of Michael—a familiar moniker of Hebrew origin that means “who resembles God?”

36. Andreas

It doesn’t get much more masculine than this authentic Greek name, which quite simply translates to “man.”

37. Nikos

Originally a nickname for Nikolaos (i.e., Nicholas), Nikos has evolved into a given name in its own right and has a meaning of “victory of the people.”

38. Silas

This name of Greek and Latin origin has ties to the Roman god of the countryside and has a corresponding, nature-inspired meaning of “forest” and “woods.”

39. Stefanos

The (OG) Greek version of Steven, this masculine moniker has a meaning of “wreath” and “crown,” and is thus associated with fame and honor.

greek names kristos

40. Pavlos

This one is the  Greek translation of Paul and has the same meaning of “little, humble and small.” (Cute, right?)

Gender-Neutral Greek Baby Names

41. Clio

This gender-neutral name is well-suited to a future academic or musician, given that it is the name of the muse of history and lyre playing in Greek mythology.

42. Paris

Here, a gender-neutral place name with a classy feel, ties to a prince from Greek mythology and a meaning of “the lover.”

43. Aster

This strong sounding unisex Greek moniker boasts a namesake flower and a meaning of “star.”

44. Niki

A Greek abbreviation of both Nicole and Nicholas, Niki is a cute and energetic name that fits any gender and has a meaning of “victory of the people.”

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45. Phoenix

“Dark red” or “crimson” are the meanings of this powerful name of Latin and Greek origin. It’s also the name of the mythological bird—a symbol of immortality and renewal—that has the ability to regenerate itself from ashes.

46. Stevie

Here, the name of a legendary female vocalist (Stevie Nicks, anyone?) and a gender-neutral moniker of Greek origin that’s derived from Stefanos and has a meaning of “crown” or “garland.” (We see daisy chains in this baby’s future.)

47. Zephyr

Another mythological reference, this fierce sounding name has ties to the ancient god Zephyrus and a meaning of “west wind.”

48. Rhodes

Rhodes is the name of a nymph in Greek mythology who was strongly associated with nature and, specifically, roses—hence the meaning “where roses grow.” (We also think of scholars when we hear this one.)

49. Kal

This fresh one syllable moniker has mixed origins, but in Greek it’s said to have a meaning of “most beautiful.”

50. Dorian

Dorian is a Greek name that means “descendent of Doris” and “gift.” It’s also the name Oscar Wilde gave to his hedonistic protagonist in the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.


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