100 City-Inspired Baby Names, from Adelaide to Raleigh

Whether you have found memories of your trip to Italy (hello, Luca or Siena) or simply want a name that has a certain cosmopolitan flair to it, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of city-inspired baby names. From domestic destinations (Houston! Brooklyn! Juno!) to far-flung places (how cute is Adelaide?), take a trip around the world with these adorable monikers and find the perfect one for your babe.

100 Uncommon Baby Names That Aren’t Totally Bizarre

1. Adelaide

Adelaide—the capital city of South Australia, which was named in honor of Queen Adelaide of the United Kingdom—is a feminine name that rolls off the tongue and means ‘noble.’

2. Alba

Alba is the historical and economic capital of the Langhe region of Italy—an area that produces some pretty stellar wines. (Hint: If you name your daughter this, be sure to buy a bottle of the good stuff in her vintage.)

3. Roma

This pretty name is the capital city of Italy and a sweet two-syllable moniker for a girl.

4. Rosario

This city in Argentina is a popular girl’s name throughout the Spanish-speaking world; it translates to “rosary.”

5. Cairo

The capital city of Egypt doubles as a strong boy’s name that means “victorious.”

6. Houston

Aside from being a major city in Texas, Houston is also a masculine name of Scottish origin meaning “from Hugh’s town” or “settlement on the hill.”

7. Alexandria

This Egyptian city is also a girl’s name of Greek origin with a pretty badass meaning: “defender of mankind.” (It’s also a city in Virginia, if that means something to you.)

8. Berlin

This too-cool name is a gender neutral one of German origin that translates to “borderline.” It’s also the (very cool) capital city of Germany.

9. Brooklyn

One of NYC’s five boroughs—Brooklyn is the name of one of Victoria and David Beckham’s sons, but we think it works well for girls, too.

10. Palermo

Here, an Italian city and a beautiful sounding boy’s name that means “son of Sicily.”

11. Chandler

This city in Arizona is also a popular masculine moniker—you might remember it as the name of Matthew Perry’s character on Friends—that means “candle maker.”

12. Alberta

Alberta is a Canadian province and a girl’s name of Germanic origin that means “noble and bright.”

13. Chester

If you’re looking for old-world vibes, this UK city—also a boy’s name of Latin origin that means “camp of soldiers”—should fit the bill.

14. Cyprus

OK, Cyprus is technically an island country, not a city…but let’s not get hung up on details. This one is a very pretty gender-neutral name of biblical origin that means “fairness.”

15. Chicago

Why not take a page out of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s book and name your son (or daughter) after the Windy City?

16. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a boy or girl’s name of Sioux origin that translates to “people of a different language.” And yep, it’s also a city in Wyoming.

17. Camden

This gender-neutral moniker of Scottish origin means “winding valley” and has been given to both a city in New Jersey and one of London’s most vibrant boroughs.

18. Cody

Cody is a city in Wyoming and a popular boy’s name with a pleasant meaning: “helpful.”

19. Augusta

This name of Latin origin, meaning “great and magnificent,” is the feminine version of Augustus and a city in Georgia.

20. Cruz

Half of the California city, Santa Cruz—this surname of Portuguese and Latin origin can be repurposed as a unique moniker for a boy.

21. Juno

An ancient Roman goddess and a girl’s name of Latin origin that means “youth”—Juno is pronounced just like the Alaskan city of Juneau.

22. Dallas

It’s a city in Texas, sure, but Dallas is also a gender-neutral name of Scottish and Irish origin that means “valley of the meadows” and “skilled,” respectively.

23. Roseau

The capital city of Dominica is also a girl’s name with Old French roots that was used traditionally as a nickname or surname for someone with red hair.

24. Savannah

Georgia’s coastal city is also a popular girl’s name of Spanish origin that refers to tropical grassland.

25. Raleigh

This gender-neutral, British name meaning “deer’s meadow” is the capital city of North Carolina.

26. Bailey

Bailey is a city in Texas and yet another gender-neutral name of British origin that means “fortification.”

27. Dayton

Here, a city in Ohio and a masculine name of British origin that means “ditch settlement.”

28. Montgomery

A city in Alabama and a classic, masculine name of French origin with a very strong meaning of “man power”

29. Memphis

Memphis, a major city in Tennessee, is also a respelling of an Egyptian, gender-neutral name that means “enduring and beautiful.”

30. Irvine

Irvine is a city in California and also a boy’s name of Gaelic and Scottish origin that means “green, fresh water,” “fair and handsome face,” or “friend.” (Take your pick.)

31. Amaya

Here, a city in Texas that is also a pretty girl’s name that means “mother city” in Japanese.

32. Cleveland

In addition to being a city in Ohio (and one of the largest in the Great Lakes Region), Cleveland is a boy’s name of Old English origin meaning “land of cliffs.”

33. Serena

This elegant-sounding girl’s name is fairly popular (think: star tennis player Serena Williams and Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl character Serena Van der Woodsen) and is derived from the Latin word ‘serenus,’ meaning “clear, tranquil and serene,” and inspired by the Chilean city of La Serena.

34. Devon

A variant of the name ‘Devin,’ Devon is a beautiful and historic county in England, as well as a gender-neutral name of British origin that means “deep valley dwellers.”

35. Austin

The capital city of Texas is also a popular masculine name of Latin and English origin, meaning “majestic” and “great.”

36. Charleston

This South Carolina city is a unique, gender-neutral name of Old English origin that means “settlement of free men.” We like its upbeat, swingy vibe (it is a dance move, too, after all) and its nickname, Charlie.

37. Shannon

Shannon—a town, river and airport in Ireland—is a gender-neutral name of Gaelic and Irish origin that means “wise river.”

38. Troy

This legendary Ancient Greek city is a boy’s name of Irish origin that means “foot soldier.”

39. Shiloh

Both a gender-neutral given name and a biblical place name (i.e., the city where the Israelites lived and gathered before Judah), Shiloh is of Hebrew origin and means “abundance” and “tranquil.”

40. Diego

Diego—a nod to the sunny California city of San Diego—is a sweet boy’s name of Spanish origin that means “supplanter.”

41. Eugene

Eugene is a city in Oregon and a common boy’s name with a classic feel and a meaning of “noble” and “well-born.” We’re also fans of the shortened version, Gene.

42. Atlanta

Inspired by both the capital city of Georgia and the fictional lost city of Atlantis, Atlanta is a strong girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “secure and immovable.”

43. Francisco

Another California city minus the ‘San,’ this classic boy’s name of Spanish and Portuguese origin means “free” and has enjoyed enduring popularity in both Spanish-speaking countries and the United States.

44. Sebastian

Inspired by the Puerto Rican city of San Sebastian, this popular boy’s name of Latin origin means “venerable” and “revered.”

45. Santiago

The capital city of Chile is a boy’s name that’s popular throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Its meaning is “supplanter.”

46. Salvador

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador; Drop the ‘San’ and you’ve got a Spanish boy’s name with a dignified sound and a religious meaning of “savior.”

47. Rio

This Brazilian city (and Duran Duran song) is a gender-neutral, Spanish moniker that means “river.”

48. Aspen

A popular resort city in Colorado named for the tree, Aspen is a unique, gender-neutral baby name that’s well-suited to outdoor enthusiasts.

49. Sicily

Taken directly from the Italian city of the same name, Sicily is a lovely choice for a girl, thanks to its soft and melodic consonant sounds.

50. Phoenix

A city in Arizona and a mythical bird, Phoenix is a powerful, gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “reborn from ashes” and “crimson.”

51. Siena

This Tuscan city is also a fashionable, feminine name of Italian origin that calls to mind the brown-orange color of clay (and the American actress, Sienna Miller).

52. Peyton

There’s a Peyton in Colorado and a Payton in England. Both variations are unisex given names of English origin that mean “fighting man’s estate.”

53. Paris

This chic and cultured name, popular for boys and girls alike, has ties to Greek mythology, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and, of course, France’s City of Light.

54. Osaka

Inspired by the bustling Japanese city, this energetic girl’s name has personality to spare.

55. Orlando

A major city in Florida, Orlando is the Spanish form of the boy’s name Roland, which means “fame.” (Orlando Bloom, anyone?)

56. Hamilton

This stately, British boy’s name meaning “flat-topped hill” can be found all over the map, from Canada to Texas. That said, it’s probably best known as the surname of founding father Alexander Hamilton.

57. Aurora

Here, a Colorado city and a beautiful girl’s name of Latin origin that refers to the Roman goddess of sunrise and means “dawn.”

58. Cali

This city in Colombia is often heard as a shortened version of the feminine name Calista, but can also be used as a spunky gender-neutral name meaning “fairest,” “beautiful” and “lovely.”

59. Indiana

This one’s a city, a state and a badass name for either sex. Sorry, Harrison Ford—there’s a new Indiana in town.

60. Milan

This Italian city name smacks of sophistication when used as a boy’s moniker meaning “favor” and “grace.”

61. Jackson

The Mississippi city of Jackson is an Old English surname meaning “son of Jack” that’s been modernized and repurposed as a too-cool-for-school given name for boys.

62. Mason

This city in Ohio is yet another Old English surname that has gained popularity as a first name for boys. This one has an occupational meaning of “stoneworker.”

63. Luca

Inspired by the Tuscan city, Luca (or Lucca) is a gender-neutral name of Latin and Italian origin that means “bringer of light.”

64. Kingston

A city in both Jamaica and Upstate New York, Kingston is a boy’s name of British origin with an aristocratic feel and a corresponding meaning of “King’s town.” It’s also the given name of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son, if you’re looking for pop culture inspo.

65. Alden

Old-timey and oh-so sweet, this British boy’s name (and town in Erie County, NY) has a tender meaning of “old friend.”

66. Kobe

This increasingly popular boy’s name—given to basketball star Kobe Bryant—is a pet name for Jacob, a Japanese city and a particularly tasty kind of beef (just sayin’).

67. Chelsea

Chelsea—a London borough and a hip NYC neighborhood—is a gender-neutral name of British origin that has been particularly popular for girls over the past few decades.

68. Sierra

A famous mountain range and a city in California, Sierra is a strong girl’s name of Spanish origin that recalls the majesty of nature and means “from the mountains.”

69. Dakota

This city in Nebraska is a girl’s name with Native American (Sioux) roots and a meaning of “ally” and “friend.” It’s also got considerable celebrity clout, thanks to Dakota Johnson, Dakota Fanning and Dakota Blue Richards.

70. Victoria

Victoria, the feminine version of Victor, is an Australian state, a Canadian city and a classic name of Latin origin that quite simply means “victorious.”

71. Lawrence

This soft-sounding masculine name of English origin means “bright, shining one” and is inspired by the ancient city of Laurentum.

72. Logan

This Australian city was originally used as a Scottish surname meaning “little hollow,” and has since evolved into a gender-neutral given name with an ironically sturdy sound.

73. Verona

Verona is a scenic, Italian city and a feminine name with Shakespearean ties and a meaning of “truth.”

74. Sofia

Sofia (alternate spelling Sophia) is a Bulgarian city and a soft-sounding girl’s name of Greek origin that means “wisdom.”

75. Sydney

Another Australian city, and a big one at that—Sydney is a popular girl’s name of English and French origin that means “wide meadow” and “Saint Denis,” respectively.

76. Delphi

This Ancient Greek city and feminine given name shares its meaning of “hollow” with the aforementioned Scottish moniker, Logan.

77. Edessa

A Greek city and a girl’s name with Old Greek origins—Edessa is a melodic and wonderfully feminine choice with a simple meaning of “from Edessa.”

78. Lincoln

This cathedral city in England has obvious ties to a certain president and Civil War hero, and plenty of potential as a (particularly polished) given name for boys and girls, to boot.

79. Florence

A fitting moniker for a good luck baby, Florence is an Italian city and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “flourishing” and “prosperous.”

80. Leon

A city in both Spain and Mexico, this popular Spanish boy’s name means (you guessed it) “lion.”

81. Geneva

Switzerland’s diplomatic hub is also a feminine name of French origin with a sweet meaning of “juniper tree.”

82. Valetta

The Mediterranean capital city of Malta is a feminine name of Latin origin that boasts girlish charm and a happy, chipper sound.

83. Havana

If you’re looking for a unique girl’s name with exotic flair (and an unknown meaning), Cuba’s capital city fits the bill.

84. Taylor

This Michigan city is a fine English name that’s gender-neutral (think: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner) and has occupational roots, with a meaning of “tailor” and “cut from cloth.”

85. Albany

One of the rarer choices on the list, this unisex Latin name—the capital city of New York—has British roots and means “fair.”

86. Regina

This popular pick for girls is a Latin name that means “queen” and the capital city of Canada’s beautiful Saskatchewan region.

87. Helena

Helena, a city in Montana, is a feminine name of Greek origin that boasts old-fashioned charm and elegance, plus a pleasing meaning of “shining light”

88. Olympia

A city in Washington and a badass feminine name—Olympia has roots in Greek mythology as the “mountain of the Gods.”

89. Larissa

This Greek city is a fairly common feminine name with a meaning that matches its sound: “cheerful.”

90. Odessa

This Ukrainian city, named by Catherine the Great, has rich history and Greek origins as a feminine name that means “long journey” and “wrathful.” In other words, Odessa is a fine pick for a fierce baby girl.

91. Harrison

Made famous by Harrison Ford and the name of a county in Indiana, this surname of British origin means “son of Harry” and makes for a strong and dignified boy’s name.

92. Nara

Short and sweet, this Japanese city is also a Celtic girl’s name that means “happy.”

93. Lourdes

The given name of Madonna’s daughter, this French pilgrimage site at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains is a deeply spiritual city that’s steeped in history and considered by Catholics to be a place of healing.

94. Antalya

This Turkish city is a feminine name of Greek origin that rolls off the tongue and means “break of day.”

95. Trenton

You’ll find this city in New Jersey, but the baby boy’s name has its roots across the pond, where it was derived from the English river Trent and means “Trent’s town.”

96. Zaria

The Nigerian city of Zaria is a feminine variation of the names Zahrah and Sarah, which mean “blooming flower” and “princess.”

97. Charlotte

A city in North Carolina and name of French origin—Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles and shares the same meaning of ”free man,” but with diminutive flair.

98. Madison

This Wisconsin city has become a popular given name for girls with British roots as a feminine variant of Matthew (and a cute nickname, Maddy, too).

99. Bristol

This city in southwest England has beautiful hilly vistas and lots of history—it also makes a lovely gender-neutral name that means “meeting place by the bridge.”

100. Easton

A city in Pennsylvania, the name Easton means “east town” and is one of the more popular monikers, ranking number 61 in 2020.

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