18 Scottish Baby Names for Your Adorable Wee One

It’s a fact that “guid gear comes in sma' bulk” (that’s Gaelic for “good things come in small packages”). Case in point: these sweet Scottish baby names that are as beautiful as the country itself (and as strong as its whisky).

7 Irish Baby Names with the Cutest Nicknames

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Means “beautiful”—perfect for your little lass.

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Derived from the second longest river in Scotland.

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Parents will love this one—it means “child of the wise one.”

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An original name for a wee laddie that’s pronounced “CON-ak.”

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A city in Texas and a village in Scotland—who knew?

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Male… female… Diaz, whatever…

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Comes from Islay, one of Scotland’s most beautiful islands.


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Will probably be a musician.

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Means “beautiful” or “cheerful.”

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Gender-neutral baby names are all the rage.

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The Scottish version of “Mary.”

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Give your tough little guy this sweet moniker that means “superior strength.”

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As pretty as the fabric that the name comes from.

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It’s traditionally a boy’s name, but we think this would be equally adorable for a girl.

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Pronounced “ay-OH-nuh,” this pretty name comes from a small island off Scotland’s coast.

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An abbreviation of Alexander, “defender of mankind.”

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A girl's name that means “rock,” perfect for your little gemstone.

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Means “young creature,” so you know, pretty apt.

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