14 Baby Names Inspired by Precious Gemstones

You already know that your baby is going to be a star. Now let the world know by naming him or her after a precious gemstone. (Yep, boys can be named after gemstones, too.)

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cute baby girl laughing and sitting on floor
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A little grandma-chic, a little rock-and-roll and a lot adorable.

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A different take on Caspar, this cool-kid name for boys comes from a brownish-red stone.

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This bright green gem is May’s birthstone, but we think it makes a great name for baby girls year round.

sweet baby boy asleep in bed
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Means "armed with a spear." So you know, don’t mess with this baby boy on the playground.

laughing baby holding toes
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Yes, we do want to nibble those toes.

cute blonde kid looking out windwo
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A boy’s name inspired by the charcoal black mineral. (It’s so in, don’t you know?)

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French for "jewel." Très chic for a baby girl, n’est-ce pas?

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Will probably love indie music.

cute baby girl sleeping in white blanket
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A Scottish form of the name Margaret (which means "pearl").

toddler boy outside
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A beautiful green stone for your beautiful baby girl (or boy).

pretty young girl sitting in grass and laughing
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Guaranteed to be the only one in your daughter’s class.

baby boy playing with blocks on the floor
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A girl's name that's as cool as ice.

baby lying on his back in the grass
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This beautiful girl’s name is inspired by the reddish-yellow stone.

newborn baby lying on his back and playing with toes
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The Spanish variation of the name Emerald.

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